Grigoriy Nedelko – Let Them All Hear (single)

artist: Grigoriy Nedelko
title: Let Them All Hear! (single)
keywords: hard rock, rock, metal, heavy metal, blues, punk, eclectic, psychedelic, post-modernism, solo, improvisations, rock m roll, lobit

What a wonderful day to squeeze out pimples, to spit in corners and act like we just don’t care! Are you feeling hungry? Stick your middle finger in your nose and eat some raw material!

So what’s this bad attitude all about? Excuse me, I have to adjust the earwax in my Mohawk haircut.. Let me urinate all in the readers face. When my bladder is empty , it’s time to get pissed again! That’s what it’s all about!

Ah yes, we are gathered here today to hear some punky shit! It’s as if Sid Vicious never had left and Johny Rotten didn’t do the I Can’t Believe It Ain’t Butter advertisement! We are here because we don’t care. And that everything in life is just one long big state of boredom.

Punk isn’t dead, it was just drunk and sleeping! Let Them All Hear! Is what we are hearing coming out of our troubled boom box. I shouldn’t have puked all over it but oh well it still sounds ok.

Ah so yes where are we? I’m so bored that I feel like smashing a bottle on my own head and cut my chest wide open. Nobody cares! But make it clear that this is an review attempt of a single by Grigoriy Nedelko.

the track starts with an almost tropical guitar introduction. The strings are a little bit strangled, but it sounds <gghhh fttt spits on the floor> nice for an beginning.

After the introduction the song continues with the bad attitude of the glorious punk times. God Save the Queen for another fascist regime! We are so pretty, oh so pretty vacant!

Damnit! Reviewing sucks! I rather shit on stage after sticking an expensive looking microphone up my glory hole! Act like we just don’t care! And actually we = us, the reader and reviewer relationship, on the groundbreaking level of the band in question.

Excuse me when I urinate in the sink… ah, that feels better. Actually I think we are more punk than the actual single over here. Can it be? Nobody cares! Oi oi oi! Destroy the system!

So yes we were here to drink crates of beer and hear ‘let them all hear. There isn’t really a lot to chat about as this track wants just to be heard. Hungry fist! In your mouth shall be piss! Let them all hear!

It’s basically a rock punk improvisation with guitar works and a singer that pop up to let the listener know that if you have a problem, you don’t call the A-team, you come here to let them all hear! To be honest, sometimes I do not seem to understand the lyrics but really, who cares?! It’s about attitude, it’s about shitting in your pants because you can’t be bothered to move yourself to the nearest toilet. Let them all hear!

This single release is basically a showcase of the upcoming lobit album. Where ‘let them all hear’ is obvious the hit single that we shitheads where waiting for,  Grigoriy Nedelko also included another track for the ears to enjoy.

Here we hear our respected friend sing in his native language, (which crazy enough) comes across as better understandable! Think more rawness of the guitar and bad ass attitude that is deeply personal, smells of tough alcohol and with a nice ‘who gives a flying fuck’ feeling! Tonight I will be not killing cats, but playing this stuff on repeat instead!

And just because Grigoriy Nedelko loves its listeners so much, he included an extra version of the hit single, but this time without the intro track! Does this make the tune more radio friendly? I doubt it! But I wish that this stuff would be heard everywhere! Nobody cares, so f*ck them! Play this out loud, spit in your loved ones face and get drunk! Oh but before passing out with a face covered in spaghetti, please be aware that the single can be free downloaded over at the following link: (act as if you care!)

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