Master Hunci Punci – this first warm night is quite cold

artist: Master Hunci Punci
title: this first warm night is quite cold
keywords: lo-fi, alternative, diy, cassette tape, electroindie, experimental
label: Weakie Discs

this first warm night is quite cold, said master hunci punci. He said it with a really deep voice as if it was poetic wisdom normally only available for old owls. I wrote it down in my little reviewers note book as it sounded useful for my next review. It was my dream to review the release untouched by reviewers, that rare item that master hunci punci was hiding under his derriere.  I had my eyes focussed on it like a lazy cheetah, since I heard of its existence. It took a few light years to find out where master hunci punci was, but now I’ve entered his home under the pretense of being in search for his holy well known wisdom. Master hunci punci took the bait and is now chatting away about the concepts of first warm nights that are actually not so warm at all. It’s unbelievable how he can chat without actually saying something more than that. It’s been hours now and he just keeps chatting, his lips open and closes and a never ending stream of so called wisdom comes out.

I’m not listening to one word that master hunci punci is speaking about and it looks like it doesn’t matter. hunci punci speaks and speaks as if his life depends on it, so happy that someone wants to actually hear what his story is about perhaps. Master hunci punci doesnt even pay attention to me, he just talks for what feels to me as an infinite amount of time. Finally, after many hours of waiting patiently my moment had come! Master hunci punci stopped talking, said ‘excuse me’ and went to a little room what I presume was his toilet. When his derriere was lifted I finally saw the release for the first time completely!

What a beauty! It was exactly how my secret sources had described it! But even a little bit better! There it was, dubbed on a rare silver-painted, recycled cassette! It was now or never and within seconds that master hunci punci had left the room leaving the release exposed, I grabbed it, slide it in  my pocket and made a run for it!

After traveling with the speed of light back to my lonely thieves headquarters cave, I was observing this good looking cassette tape in the palm if my hand. It was sealed  in a plastic mini bag and came with a letter. “This first warm night is quite cold” was the first thing that my eyes  saw on the paper. Than some words in the holy language of master hunci punci and the secret documented tracklist. Maybe I did not fully understand what this secretive tape was all about, but without any further research I insert the holy tape in my old hifi stereo equipment. What I was hearing came as a surprise, something that made me almost fall over of its overwhelming sound! It was something that had died many years ago! It was music! Actual music! It was unbelievable but true!

It sounded like something that was unexpected, something that was filled up with mystery, soft lo-fi guitar music and audio recordings. It had a rare feeling of captivating my ears with a unique strangeness. Master hunci punci knows how to improvise while still holding on to a certain structure that is digestible , melodic and at certain times leaning more to basic strange sound experimentation. The last work is pretty interesting with its minimalism and strange rhythmic audio flow. There weren’t any more clues given than what the paper suggested and even though the record was surrounded by mystery and wisdom i=of master hunci punci, I felt like I had gained something that left all my answers intact and had a feeling that it was better to return the cassette to its rightfull owner and actually listen to what he had to say. But first I’ll relisten, annalyse, make notes and do some deep research and hope that master hunci punci goes to the toilet just as long  as he talks, perhaps traveling back with the speed of lightning and I just might be on time to place the tape under his holy derriere, where it obviously belongs until someone wizer will snatch it. Maybe this is something for in your collection of rare oddities? Visit master hunci punci at the following link to find out;

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