Bloody Romero – Jazzzzz

Artist: Bloody Romero
title: Jazzzzz
keywords: electronic, drum and bass, jazz,
label: Pic Pac

Bloody Romero was into impossible love relationships. He already had tried out relationships with insects, a tropical palm tree, nuns, priests and even a circus elephant. None of them had worked out but bloody Romero just never gave up. It was his fetish, going for the impossible was basically all what satisfied bloody Romero.

He tried love relationships with people with different sexual orientations, an alligator, his own father, the family pet and politicians.. All of them failed miserably, leaving bloody Romero with so much broken hearts that he kept on bleeding. He coughed up blood all the time and even his tears where bloody. He cried and cried, it made bloody Romero mental, so mental that he had lost his head.

And that was not the only thing he lost! Bloody Romero lost his hands, arms and legs too. In the end because of his addiction to impossible love relationships and the disappointing heartbreaks that were the results, he ended up basically just being a floating white shirt.

It was kind of a miracle how white and clean the shirt was as Bloody Romero had a fair background reputation of permanently bleeding. This amazing fact made bloody Romero a small capital by being the faceless face in an washing-powder television commercial. His white shirt stayed white no matter how much blood was streaming from his romp when thinking of all the desired love relationships that ended up nowhere.

Friends of bloody Romero couldn’t stand the sad state of the floating white shirt anymore and told him to perhaps take on a hobby, something that made his obsession fade away and the pain of broken hearts endurable. He listened to his friends their advice and bought a trombone from the money he earned from the washing liquid advertisement. He practiced, played and played until he successfully entered the world of jazz.

One day, we don’t know how or when it started, but his call for the impossible started to take over. There was someone he liked, loved, adored and was absolutely off limits love relationship material! Bloody Romero had fallen in love with a pretty high society girl called Jullierette.

Her father and mother had seen the shirt advertising the washing powder on the television and where absolutely convinced that this wasn’t the person they had in mind to be their son in law. The excitement of finding another doomed love made bloody Romero not forget his new musical hobby, but actually applied it to his flirtation tactics. Serenade after serenade and night after night, bloody Romero played his music under her balcony.

I’m not sure how Jullierette responded to the music bloody Romero was playing under her balcony, but the actual stuff he played was extraordinary. His voice sounded rather feminine and every note he touched transformed into colorful jazz. Bloody Romero had captured the spirit of the New Orleans jazz music and brought it in all its color and flavor to the ears of the untouchable Jullierette.

Bloody Romero not only tries to seduce the forbidden lover with the quality played tunes, but even showed of his musical knowledge. With a track he performed almost every night called Jazzzzz he was trying to educate Jullierette about the roots and origin of jazz.

The pretty music that combined a happy and feel good feeling with sweet swinging drum n base beats, was also one of the more favorite-able tracks Bloody Romero liked to perform. It had traces of the beauty of Jullierette’s face, and the energy of his unstoppable force to try getting what he wanted. It was unbelievable that the trombone he was holding was creating all this music without even making one trombone sound, it was all about sweet guitar strings and the friendliest energetic beats here! It must have been the powers of love at work!

With every day turning into another wasted effort, Bloody Romero had another special tactic to get to his forbidden lover, the pretty Jullierette. For the first time ever he performed a blissful track called ‘Rise Up’ which turned the chapters of failure in a state of confusion, as soon as the pretty music of Bloody Romero started to play you could see in the twinkle of Jullierette’s eyes that she was into it. She moved her head and smiled to Bloody Romero. This excited our wonderful music maker so much that it realised it had no head, no arms and no legs! In fact for the first time in his life Bloody Romero realized clearly that he was reduced to just a floating white shirt, not bound to the rules of gravity! When realizing our hero kept on making the pretty feel good music and started to flow up, higher and higher until reaching the balcony where Jullierette was smiling and catch him with open arms!

The curse of Bloody Romero was finally broken, he found love, rest in peace in his lovers arms. Jullierette is still seen until this day wearing nothing more than a white shirt, the two are inseparable! Get the music of Bloody Romero over at the following link:

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