Sam And The Womp – Ravo

artist: Sam And The Womp
title: Ravo
keywords: electronic dance, drum n base, balkan, pop
label: Stiff records

Please stop throwing apple pies in each other’s faces, just leave the dishes, the diapers, the anarchistic cookbook for what they are. Stop knitting socks, rolling over and shitting for a split second! Cause we from Yeah I Know It Sucks have some exclusive news to share that you might want to bring along while exhilarating life in tremendous speed!

Sam and the Womp, you might have heard of them and if not, than you might have a good chance to hear them soon with their newest party anthem! The group consists of trumpeter Sam, scientific womp researcher Aaron (love peace) Audio and Banana loving Lady Oo on the vocals. They are back in town with not only a completely new upbeat song, but also a new video that guarantees every unsuspected epileptic viewer a complete new dance attack! Lots of flashing backdrops, flying heads, elephants and brain shocking lights that will light up every TV, in a colorful box of what the fuckness.

After their out of the blue success with their previous song ‘bom bom’, the underground act became an instant pop sensation. YouTube got filled up with parody videos, people that started to record themselves in locations singing and dancing to the song. Some of them in groups, and sometimes in pairs and at times; the occasional dude flashing his ding dong in nothing else than his underwear.

After their instant success their already insane lives went upside down, slightly more mental and obviously hitting the roads of the absurd! They toured the world, played on locations they would normally have puked on, and went from gold to patina! Riding elephants and celebrating Christmas time on the good old Top Of The Pops! Utter insanity had hit the illustrious trio that has great help from other horn players on several occasions, just to make sure to blow the attendees their head off at their gigs.

After what feels like ages ago the band returns with a less monkey-esque sounding ass-clapper of a tune! It’s something that might be considered as original British as a cup of tea, fish n chips and Indian phone shops at every corner! It’s lady’s and other gentle people; something that everyone was longing for! No, no apple pie but.. Freaking Drum n Base smeared all in your face!

These blasting beats and baselines are a good pastry for the catchy horns by Sam and friends, and Lady Oo swings her way around by vocalizing the wild time that is life! Faster, faster! This is a roller-coaster!

The suspected ass kicking party anthem will hit the ether around 15 October, but as life is crazy, you might want to pre-order the single! Please hold on tight, remove the banana from your ear and get ‘Ravo’ over at the following link:

Ok, the flashy exclusive news update has come to an end. Feel free to continue whatever you were doing before. The diapers, apple pie throwers and knitters are extra thanked for their time and attention!
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