You People – Situational Awareness

Artist: You People
title: Situational Awareness
keywords: punk, indie, post-punk, punk rock,

Before listening to the following EP by ‘You People’ I think it’s good to do a ‘Situation awareness’ check. Its four o clock in the night and your reviewer is experiencing high fever while lying in the dark, hidden under the blankets. Ticks that cannot find the way to my dog are walking on top of my flesh, It is one of the situations that is kind of shitty, really.   I’m not hundred percent sure that this is the right situation to hear the requested review, as there are rumors that it might deliver some permanent damage. But to be honest; feeling sick, hot and itchy, what can possibly happen, making the shitty situation even feel worse? I’m aware of the possibility, but as I remove a couple of ticks from my sick body, I remain skeptical..

I must say that in this situation the maze on the front cover of the release does give me a slight extra headache. I want to find the solution of the game but the fever makes watching at it slightly impossible. Maybe I should be aware that in this situation my eyes are useless. Luckily my ears are seemingly less infected, so I guess to just take the risk and hearing the record, what can possible go wrong?

Howly shit! a song called ‘False Senses’ is rocking my already fractured skull, raping it lightly with a nice touch of punk. It took me a couple of seconds to adapt to the sounds before I could actually hear the brilliantness of it all! The guitar riffs are simply fantastic, and so are the almost catchy raw vocals. It’s actually not how the rumors where portraying the band’s sound as this is actually so much more enjoyable than sweating in the dark and removing ticks from the body! This track rocks and the only thing that sucked about it was that it felt like its way too short! It just goes by so quickly that it’s something that should be heard on repeat for spreading the ultimate vibe into your system!

‘Daylight Savings’ freaking rocks and is next to bang your head material also something that invites the listener to learn the lyrics and sing along. There is a perfect rage captured in here that bangs so hard that the ticks automatically jump of me and kill themselves and the fever seems to drop as I’m making spastic rock movements under the blankets! Hell Yeah, this is bloody good stuff! This punk rock band seems to be the unsuspected cure for shitty situations!

It’s impossible to lay still as ‘new day’ hits the speakers! The energetic raw rock rapes through the sound-system with a positive anarchistic vibe that shakes and wakes everyone up! Bloody good riffs seems to represent the new arrival of a fresh new day, while the bloody beats and the singers voice makes sure you will be all ‘rise and shine’ to face it!

This EP is good, really good! It’s also just too short as this is the quality stuff that I wouldn’t mind listening more from. ! Especially because it was a great distraction from the current situation. As soon as the EP stopped the fever came back in full force, leaving me only with the option to hear these tracks on repeat until getting aware of a healthier situation. If you are into nice and wild punk rock than this might be the thing you were looking for! Get ‘Situational awareness’ at the following link:

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