DJ Black Guy – Black Guy Electronic Circus / Burnt Out / Beats by DJ Black Guy

artist: DJ Black Guy
title: Black Guy Electronic Circus / Burnt Out / Beats by DJ Black Guy
keywords: DJ Black Guy
reviewer: DJ Purple Girl

Hello DJ Purple Girl here!
After a bit of sickness in the Yeah I Know It Sucks offices, they have contacted me to write something in the meantime. I thought it would be the perfect time to give something the attention it would have never gotten from the regular reviewers: I wanted to review some works of a partner in crime; DJ Black Guy!

DJ Black Guy is force-feeding the netlabel department of the internet archive. Uploading multiple tracks as standalone ones while in my honest opinion could be all nicely located in one ‘upload’. But I can’t be too harsh on DJ Black Guy, I think he just didn’t realize that he is not on sound-cloud anymore. But nonetheless his overdoing made me interested in the actual songs he wanted to share so much. Reaching the question if it is indeed pretty fly for DJ Black Guy!

The first one DJ Black Guy had uploaded was a electronic ‘experimental’ track called Black Guy Electronic Circus. And I don’t want to imply that DJ Black Guy must have smoked some very strong skunk (hopefully not stoned enough to mistakenly smoke the animal.)
because this track sounds indeed a bit like a visit to the circus. I’m dizzy and confused and I didn’t even inhale it or played it loudly! DJ Black Guy must be coming from another planet!
I like that he knows its a bit crazy, but personally I would describe this track more as MENTAL than experimental..
Here is ‘Electronic Circus’ by DJ Black Guy:

But hooray for DJ Black guy! Cause there is more! So much more!
The next upload is a self described chilled synth filled experimental electronic track by DJ Black Guy!
You can hear DJ Black Guy’s intentions; this needs a rap! Some geezer out there with underwear on his head want to spit some words on this track by DJ Black Guy? I heard that DJ Black Guy got seriously high grade stuff, so he just might reward you by sharing some good smoke!
You can hear DJ Black Guy being ‘Burnt Out’ and high over here;

But do not worry as there is more! Oh so much more!
DJ Black Guy is here for all your original productions, remixes and mixes! And that ain’t no lie!
Also DJ Black Guy is pretty nice! For example he loaded all these free tracks for your enjoyment! The next one is called ‘Beats by DJ Black Guy’ and comes with the lovely description that goes like this;
beats /sound  to use for sampling remixing, film use  or whatever you like, ‘ . I think Skrillex would like to check this one out as DJ Black Guy gives away a Dubstep beat with some woops and womps! One without vocals and one with! Well not exactly vocals you would expect, but still something that will make Skrillex’s producers life a whole lot easier! Than for all the gameboy music producers DJ Black Guy has included a five minute long Game Drum. I know it sounds like it is a useful sample, but it is actually a pretty finished tune. Just change the title, give DJ Black Guy some credits and maybe add some beep if you have the time to do so. Time always goes so slow when you are incredible stoned. This one is sure good for the DJ  crackpots producers out there! DJ Black Guy has another thing included, which he kindly called ‘high class beat’ which is basically more a high class synth with a easy beat. Something that could be indeed already a finished product if you are into minimalism or you can add something on top. A poetic parrot would be perfect!
And there is even one more track by DJ Black Guy, it’s  called ‘progress’ and if you don’t mind, you could check this and the other DJ Black Guy tracks out for yourself at the following link:

I hope in my next review to give the readers some links to DJ White Fly’s sample packs, which are not to be confused with already done songs that you need to add your own singing cowboy too for completeness!
with purple greetings,
DJ Purple Girl

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