Flyafter – Demo

artist: Flyafter
title: Demo
cat: MB-010
keywords: demo, pop, alternative, dreampop, electronica, indie rock, dance
label: Mindblasting

This demo by Flyafter is a rather special one under the demo’s. It sounds exactly like a demo with its stiff easy programming, but it also really has a big charm as it is. I certainly hope that the cuteness of sound will still be there if this track ever gets a return as a non demo. The first seconds of this track may trick you by thinking ‘yeah i know this is gonna suck’, but resisting your opinion and the trigger to switch off results in a wonderful little surprise! This cute sounding demo track teams up with very nice vocal singing work, that simply makes this into a demo to cherish and to look out for! maybe one day in the future this band will break trough and than you can point out to the hipster friends that you had an early eye on them, even spin their demo multiple times on your underground music sampler! This demo of ‘Today I’m with you’ sounds very promising!

The second track on this demo is another rough but potential pretty diamond. The track begins on easy guitar track with the singers voice who sounds honest and dreamy. The high demo sound of beats and additional strings is easy to see through and gives the listener a good impressions of how the track would sound if it where done with some help in a professional studio. ‘Make me sleep’ sounds like something that really deserves a good production, as well as the last tune on this demo.

It’s another dreampop track that leans on a nice baseline and warm
accords. The structure of this track could even fix this a spot in the alternative charts when replacing the stiff drum with a real drummer. The uplifting mood while still keeping the dreamy atmosphere is really something my ears are enjoying!

This demo is exactly what a good demo should sound like, it’s a demo but very easy to hear what the artist behind it wants it to sound like. If I wasn’t a poor bum I would invest in it, but I’m sure ‘Flyafter’ knows where to send this demo, and make his dreams come true!
You can hear this stuff over at the following link:

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