NOS project – mud, me

artist: NOS project
title: mud, me
cat: oz075
keywords: experimental, noise
label: ozky e-sound net label

the NOS project consist for this release out of Chris Silver T (electronics) Paulo Chagas (flute and mey) Mauro Sambo (soprano sax), Matthias Boss (violin) and Michael Parque (guitars)
Together they have composed a work called ‘mud, me’ which is an interesting mix of experimental musicianship and teamwork.

Like an far out alarm that rings among the woodchoppers in the woods is how this release is introducing itself. Slowly mysterious music enters and creates an avant-garde ordeal of bizarre movements. When the flute comes in the whole work starts to be hypnotically surreal. It’s like we are sucked into a movie soundtrack produced with a lucid fever. Suddenly a human dream and the music gets more melodic and mysterious. Jungle flute fever with warm and strange structures that it’s difficult to put your finger on. We hear within this experimental composition a beautiful depth brewing up, hints of distortion that suddenly wrinkle and scream until they too fade in to the alarm that never had left our ears. It’s like a communication pool of instrumentalists and their instruments who are trying to speak at the same time, but with respect for each others opinions and voices.
A wonderful soprano sax has taken over the highest word with the squeeks of guitar noise rumble through the industrial midnight air. The landscape seems to change and sucks the listener into deeper parts of this strange musical jungle. The sax is sounding like a bird in high heath before returning to its normal voice, while the woodchoppers still keep on chopping with their little axes in the background. This whole composition is intriguing the hearing systems by creating a setting for an adventure to happen but keeps itself from really telling a story. It’s like we are standing still and listening to the daily sounds of an open place in the middle of the woods with crazy musicians  that know each other and their instruments from top to bottom. All leaving each other a nice space in the spotlight to show off their talents. When the violin sings the tension is more up as it sings like a classically trained folklore singer by the use of its strangled strings.

‘mud, me’ is an interesting experimental composition with traditional instruments and electronic manipulations which will keep the listeners ears good company until the final notes.
You may want to check it out over at the following link:

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