Torquem – Ansiktet

artist: Torquem
title: Ansiktet
format: CD or digital album
keywords: experimental, chamber rock, cinematic, electro jazz, post-rock

To begin this review I think it’s essential to feed the reader some additional background information about the band in the spotlight. How to do this? I guess professional reviewers copy and paste parts of the artist biography, so let’s try it out and see what happens.

Torquem is an instrumental rock/jazz band composed by Fabien Lobleau, Nicolas Goussot, and Benjamin Vergès.
The project was born in Paris in 2011 after meaningful experiences.

With ‘meaningful experiences’ your reviewer instantly thinks about heavy party’s, orgy’s between bandmembers, the beautiful exploration of the wonderful world of psychedelic stimulants, nearly dead experiences, finding love and giving birth to multiple baby’s. But as the group consists of male members, I guess giving birth to real life baby’s seems rather far fetched. And so is my whole personal concept of  ‘meaningful experiences’ , as the biography explains that these ‘meaningful experiences’ are La diagonale du fou, Spleen Vs Ideal & We Are Jupiter, which are probably either bands they have played in or indeed obscure french names for Parisian state of the art drugs…

Than the official biography continues with noting that the trio had the desire to create a singular music and released “Ansiktet”, released in March 2013 as the first act of a trilogy…

Let me try to take everything in. A desire to create a singular music?
As in 3 people making music as one with a high originality, with the urge to be original and different? That sounds very aspiring and something that every self respected  band should try to achieve.  And about the first act of a trilogy called Andiktet.
This is what this review is all about and let me quickly tell you this: they succeed in fulfilling their desired wish and making Andiktet into a super release!

As this review is trying to be as professional as possible, I believe its now time to paste the provided credits before analyzing the actual tracks. Hold on to your seats for some copy paste action:

contrabass on track 5 by Julien Marceau Griers
recorded by Nicolas Goussot and Vincent Thermidor
mixed by Julien Marceau Griers
mastered by Julien Bous at Postghost Studio

Let there be no mistake that the mixer and master are both a different Julien. It’s a typical French name I guess and at this moment in time I really feel the urge to make this writing even more awkward by continue-ing this review as a third Julien.

Bonjour, J’m appelle Julien!
J’adore Paris Hilton!
Oui, je sais. c’est rien que
de la merde!

Nah, forget about me being another French Julien. I think for the sake of keeping this review as professional it’s better to be an English speaking Julien, as my French language skills are so low that it will be for example an impossible task to order a hamburger in a French version of a snack-bar

But let’s cut all the nonsense as after all we are hear for the music!
And the music is good, so good that it left my tongue speechless and my fingers wordless!  That’s why also the tactic of copy pasting information in the professional written review, as otherwise it would have been rather short. The music is so good that it basically not deserves to be hear on a website called ‘yeah i know it sucks’ but more on a site calle ‘Yeah I Know This Is Wicked!’. There are 7 tracks on this release that are all so good in musical content and quality that it feels just a waste to read about it, as it is better to just tune in and hear it all for yourself!

The band really did manage to deliver a very original sound and their debut album is really must hear material. It covers nice melodics, great instrumental works, great teamwork that provides cinematic chamber rock that lays perfectly in the eye and is a great friend for the dance floor too. The melodies are memorable and rock friendly with nice jazzy attitudes and experimental unexpected twists!

Without any hair on my head having any doubt, this world created by Torquem is absolutely worth your time and attention, as this contains something that you do not come across a lot; Actual music!

With this record you will be able to hear, dream, dance and fantasize  away with great music!
You can add this well made album to your private awesome music collection over at the following link: (absolutely worth it!)

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