Consistency Nature – There Will Be No Silence Until Death

Artist: Consistency Nature
title: There will be no silence until death
keywords: noise, experimental, ambient, lobit
label: Genetic Trance

When you have been awaken in an Allah worshipping country you will find the starting tone of this release by Consistency Nature as if it’s the noise version of the morning prayers that twirl loudly over the roofs of the sandy city. There are no words being said but the tone makes sure that it will be heard. It will penetrate every room with a window or a small opening for these wild vibrations.

Consistency Nature adds in this noisy holy noise communication a deeper layer of ambient that may come across as the secret message that is behind these ritualistic wordless prayers. It is loud without being loud and comfortable without actually being comfortable. But mostly this noise communication is unique as it moves and transforms and even seems to travel not only through the vibrations of the air, but also by good old train traveling.

At a certain point the end will be reached which is also a straight sound to a new beginning, leaving the listener loaded with a secretive data, clean shaved and ready for a fresh morning fog of the new day!

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