Die Society Die – Fake

Artist: Die Society Die
title: Fake
cat: MBR-132
keywords: lobit, ambient
Label: Microbit Records

Deep within the depth that the wonders of the lobit rate seems to capture, is a growing dark side that sings a song of beauty. With the voice mixed as if we are listening to an angel whistling on the top of a glass bottle and humming a song of love at the same time. The result is an absolute mind calming effect that should be played loudly and close to the recipients’ ears for the full relaxing effect.

Next to the pretty Dark side of sound ‘Die Society Die’ has also kindly provided the Light variant. The significant change of tone is remarkable as this track seems to feel so close to its darker brother, but yet a couple of octaves brighter in sound. Also this work has a relaxing effect on the listener. You might want to compare this release as a treatment in a lobit spa. All the elements gets a special cleaning treatment, from the darker ones as some kind of mud skin treatment with revitalizing skin and mental effects as well as the light surface massage that will make the listener come out of the session feeling as good as new! The treatment is free, so even the wallet feels relieved! Get this release over at the following link:

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