Syncretic – Break, Recover, Repeat

Artist: Syncretic
title: Break, Recover, Repeat
cat: MBR-129
keywords: lobit, electronic, keyboard, ambient, minimal, melodic, 8bit label: Microbit Records

Sometimes you just might find gold. This can be the actual melody or idea for a music producer, or just (like me) a listener who gets ultimately satisfied by hearing one of those memorable lobit tunes that once you heard it for the first time, it simply goes into you and stays there forever. Sometimes it pops up as a reminder that it hasn’t forgotten about you, and when it does in the right moment in time it might even bring a flock of emotional lobit tears to my eyes.

The sparkles of gold that this lobit single contains are just so solid that it does something to my inner senses. It’s perfect in every sense of the word, there is no need for extra sounds, deep expensive layers of producers crap as what is captured here is the essence of an emotion. Maybe your reviewer is an unstable person that gets infected easily, but this track has a warm place in my heart. It will be cherished there forever but as its freely available music, you are able to install it in your own heart too. In fact everyone with a love for lobit should hear this minimal work and carry it with you at all times. It’s just one of those tracks that will always come in handy, brings you back to your senses by triggering an emotion that you can only feel when hearing this track.

The golden single can be found over here and is completely free to download, hear and to be spread around from heart to heart and speaker to headphone!

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