Various Artists – The Road Ahead

artists: Various
title: The Road Ahead
cat: ARGREC21
keywords: electronica, experimental, techno, glitch, ambient, IDM,

As this compilation starts artist loopool introduces ‘the end’. Loopool does this in a traditional fashion that is more clear than walking around with a lonely sign on sunset boulevard warning for the end of the world, loopool choses to tell the prophesy in a dramatic orchestra themed composition. If loopool goes in to this musical direction, there might be some actual truth that the end is near!
Luxurious Dagger picks up with the dramatic theme that loopool had setup. He sticked his luxurious Dagger into video stock materials and manipulates and glued some layers on top of each other creating a doom-liked atmosphere. The main story is about how Bill got sick by mistreating his stomach while a great collections of high adventures rattle through in different layers. The whole track feels as being stuck within a narrator story teller’s nightmare.
I don’t know precisely why the following insanity track by  Total E.T makes me think of an Batman theme track coming from a different reality. Gotham City after drinking a large content of liquid speed while puffing and inhaling laughing gas and a hint of helium. Whatever it is, it is something you have never heard before and is actually a lot of experimental fun too!
Than someone very close to me makes an appearance on this compilation. It’s Toxic Chicken with a track called ‘Babooska’. I wanted to ask reviewer Alex Spalding to take a look at it, but as the good fellow is trapped in a conspiracy theory plot I guess I’ll try to write some biased words myself. I think it sounds a bit like a Mexican taco, with every bite some new prickled flavor to explore. Maybe that was where I was going for, but do not know if it’s Taco enough in the scale of Taco beats and vermicelli. I never ate a Taco in my life, so don’t blame me if I do not know exactly what I’m talking about.
You should hear the taco for yourself I guess.
Talking about never eating Taco’s before, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen delivers a cool track that sounds also Taco like. But added flavors and colors and total badass spices! The experimental electronic exploration is getting hot and baked within the wicked sound exploration in this thrilling work. Think Aphex Twin all manned up in a leather jacket riding a Harley Davidson with some beer can crushing bearded lady’s down on route 66! It’s totally awesome!
Another unclassifiable great piece of electronic experimental music is a track donated by ‘My Free Mickey’.
It got the sexy touches of electro with its sleek sounding baselines, but also has something unidentifiable that flirts with space ambient among the red glow of the Red Canyon. This may sound strange on paper but the actual sound-output does work out very well and is a interesting joy from finish to start (or the other way around..).
Another great track is being sticked in the already great line up of wickedness, it’s the extraordinary music by Noisesurfer that takes the listener on a strange but certainly enjoyable  sound adventure. Think of the most richest spacious space sounds, fat beats, experimental floating in a great laid back and cool atmosphere! Nice and robotically  funky!
From a different caliber is the heavy loaded on sound recordings beautifully executed by  2Mach. We hear them glued together and composed smoothly, which makes my ears wanting to hear more from where this came from. It is rather strange that the artist has titled it ‘psykos’ as it all sounds rather homely to me, but who knows perhaps the sounds that are captured here are maybe recordings of actual naughty psycho thing, like watching a cat go round and round in a washing machine..
Earth Concrete creates a relaxing oddball ambient track, that sounds pretty with its lush spacious openings but at the same time comes across as something that brews in a soup of colorful hot headed acid.
The louder parts that flirts with nice concrete distortion adds a nice little power element to it all.
The last track is something that deserves to be played a volume louder, just so to make sure not to miss anything in this dark audio environment that Bash Nova is feeding the listeners over here. This is by listening it loud and closely far removed from an almost empty track, there is something monstrous hiding in the seemingly innocent sounding noise. You can hear it move around softly until when the end of the compilation has been reached and the sound takes the listener by the throat as if begs for our ears not to leave it alone and behind.

This ‘The Road Ahead’ compilation compiled by the Argali Records Netlabel is sure something to be excited about as it contains a very fine and diverse collection of experimental music that promises a golden age of a musical future! Even though the label claims the future is as uncertain as possible, it might be also a great hint to not wait and grab this free compilation now at the following link and enjoy!

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