The Attraction – Emma (single)

artist: The Attraction
title: Emma (single)
cat: SCL088
keywords: indie rock, pop
label: Southern City’s Lab

Let’s take up a nice lazy swinging groove, equally chilled out well skilled musicians and a vocalist that sounds as if he is drugged by sunshine and love. Let them grow up together and bring all their musical cards to the table for a spectacular game filling the air with good relaxed vibrations.
The saxophone rings my bell like no other could do and when the guitar enters the whole happy grounds of existence are trembling like the exciting times of a melodically earthquake. Something that feels safe as well as exciting and with a fresh breeze of cool flair that comes out of the funky speakers. What a cool sound, what a great captured single! In less poetic mumblings I think you could just say that my tapping feet approves of this tune.

As a single you better take in mind that it means in this case, just a singular track plus a version without the enjoyable vocals. It’s not a single that stays in your head and has a high pop quality as catchiness. But who cares about that really? There is nothing to sell here as the song is gifted and free and basically shows off some real nice musicianship that sparkles with a contagious joy from its translating band-members.

This is something you want to stumble upon while walking into a alternative music bar, something you might want to settle down too and enjoy while sipping on a pint of lager trying to stop your feet from tapping along. The girl with the name ‘Emma’ should be flattered and smile when knowing about the existence of this musical aubade to her persona. But no need to change your name to enjoy the song as you are just as free to download this single and enjoy the laid-back swing vibes this band has crafted! Get it over here:

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