The Gary – Remains


artist: The Gary
title: Remains
cat: SRR 068
keywords: rock
label: Sick Room Records

reviewer: Johan Nederpel


Here at YIKIS headquarters we sometimes have a period that reviews aren’t really popping up like for some time. Most of the time just one of our fantastic writing staff gets this review blues, sometimes we are all infected. This time I had the honour of not writing for about a month or so. But here I am, back again with a great album by The Gary.

Pure rock tracks pressed, ready for you, on vinyl (which also includes the CD). As going the vinyl route as of late, I’ve put up the task to get this thick slab out of its sleeve and throw it on my record player. But, if you don’t own a record player, which can also be streamed on

This band put out one great rock track after the other on this LP. Very impressive guitar work and a great full voice of singer Dave Norwood give this album the sensation of a live performance. ‘Innocent Bystander‘ reminds me a lot of those small festivals tents where people are going wild on a relativly new upcoming band. 

The Evidence‘ is the most mature (and maybe the oldest, as it already was released in 1994) track on the album. Are very subtle building of the track, from a subdued almost singer-songwriter track to a angry rock explosion in four and a half minutes. 

Monozona‘ is another highlight of the album. This track feels like it will explode in an enormous rock guitar riff track, but it stays calm and just builds up steam untill the last minute when all fury breaks loose. 

Grab/stream yourself a copy here:

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