Taigerbery – Soul in Circles

Artist: Taigerbery
title: Soul in Circles
cat: SCL086
keywords: alternative pop, grunge
label: Southern City’s Lab

I can’t get enough of these singles released on Southern City’s records. The last one that I praised with dancing toes was the one by a band called The Attraction, but today I would like to show some love for a more regular single releasing band called ‘Taigerbery’. This time this emo punk rock band continues to satisfy our alternative ears with a song called ‘Soul In Circles’. I do not know what it means, it sounds title wise very dramatic and mathematical. Music wise it is another good one if you are into draining emo rock that has a slight depressive mood while still rocking the indie people with a certain pleasure.

To me this track fills up a gap in my teenager years, a hole that was previously filled with gothic kids, Wiccan woman and long haired scum. I lost that part of my good old memory and I’m grateful for filling it up with this new single. I used to rock out with these dark characters but now I have erased them and now hang out with the equally dramatic rock of Taigerbery! And I must say it is indeed rather pleasurable!

Feel the soul being drained, washed up in circles and how Taigerbery translates it so well in rock music! Why not give it a try at the following link? After all it is a good excuse to use the black mascara around your eyes and show off a brand new sad face for the hipsters! Get Taigerbery’s Soul in Circles over at the following link: http://www.southerncitylab.org/2013/09/SCL086.html?m=1

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