Former Descent – The State Of In-Between

artist: Former Descent
title: The State Of In-Between
cat: Siro671
keywords: experimental, dark ambient
label: Sirona-Records

Darkness dooms up from a scheme of industrial sounding ambient force.
The machine that creates a hypnotizing mood has injected its existence within this smooth and calm experience. Warm undertones show some humanity to the work and leads it astray from being label as ‘death ambient’. For better or even worse holds the attention-span lightly with its glowing hypnotic state of mysterious soft machinery. It makes me think of this conspiracy theme that roams certain parts of the internet where a future of humans melted with machines is sketched and warned about.

The state of in between may or may not be the continuation of this theme. It sounds like it could be the moment of the transhumanrobot is being fed with oil and programmed by nifty little robot experts. Secretly without the governments knowledge they provide a hackable backbone that will rein-act humanity and the ability to love and cherish. You can hear it within the pulse of this pretty industrial ambient track, there is hope for the mechanic future!

‘Serenity Gap’ comes across more hardened and seasoned in the transition of humanity. It is cold at its core but spots still a feel of love that roams on top of it as if its awakening. The results music wise are a highlight on the album as it feels as if the realization of hardcore robots discovering their inner-soul is rather convincing as a magical and pretty experience for the listeners ears. A perfect high has been created over here.

The next mind calming work is another one that takes the hypnotizing approach of its fellow friends. What starts as the church bells of a lonely funeral morphs into a perfect mind state with complete warmth and prettiness. The perfect light industrial elements that has been placed under this wonderful brew of air are giving this work the perfect rhythmic balance to hold on too. Absolutely reaching the right depth and smooth highness for the mind.

Former Descent is the last track on this excellent release. A release that melts the mind by hypnotizing elements of intense prettiness and light weight industrial elements. It’s surprisingly original and the results are certainly well worth to dive into.
Dip your ears and get reprogrammed at the following link:

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