Marcel Hoekstra – Cameloa / Tekno (demo tracks)

Artist: Marcel Hoekstra
title: Cameloa / Techno (demo tracks)
keywords: strong tekno, minimal techno, demos
reviewer: Superzapp!

I never really know what to do when receiving mails requesting to review things that are not released or rather can be findable for the potential reader who wants to actually hear the stuff we write about. Most of the times our secretary (who handles all the request) sends them to a dusty corner of the Yeah I Know It Suck basement, but sometimes some of them slip out and arrive at the surface.

A request by a persona called Marcel Hoekstra had suffered the same instant fate when sending out an email with two demo tracks for us to crush, bake or break. But these nifty little tracks instantly escaped the basement and started to dance and jump on my desk. They wanted to get heard, they demanded attention and if not they would scream and unleash all the other tracks who they met dusting away in our basement. The fact that these nifty characters wouldn’t let me work on other things was the most prominent reason for the review that you are reading right about now. I promise to handle them with honesty and my side of opinion,

Marcel Hoekstra, you have earned a spot on Yeah I Know It Sucks with your persistent demo tracks. I hope it is that little sparkle or push of support that you were waiting for to push these fellows over the demo edge!

Cameloa is a self-described hard techno track. It starts rather different than what I would have expected, which is always a good thing! After a bit of an industrial rush the tune starts with a pounding beat. There is a little breakdown that seems a little out of touch but gives the artist the time to introduce a nasty electronic techno riff. Joined together with the base kick it wants to grab me violently in a state of trance, which at certain times it actually does successfully. Repetitive as a high speed train that never stops at any station; the aggressive sounding dance riff feeds the bombastic four by four base-kicks. The thing is that after a while this train adventure does actually start to be less and less exciting. It’s not so much that the combination of hardcore and underlying groove and that catchy riff isn’t perfect damcefloor killers, there is just a lack of surprise elements, break downs, filter works to keep the lonely dancing crowd excited and on the edge. I love the Dutch dance roots that this track is flirting with but it would be good to look and listen to more established tracks of this genre to hear the extra ingredients they have put on top to keep it spicy. Unless if the artist is aiming to hammer a dancing crowd into a deep sleep, which would be funny but properly not what Marco Hoekstra  had in mind creating this stomper. It’s almost there, it just needs that spice to keep the attention-span high, or perhaps free tablets of XTC!

The other secretive demo track that was jumping up and down the desk is called ‘Tekno’ and is self-described as something more minimal. This one also starts with a tight four by four base-kick. It sounds a bit damper but that maybe the aftertaste of hanging around in the basement. A very prominent high-hats pops in and grabs the hand of a bubbling baseline. There is also a nice breakdown with a rhythmic sound that makes me think of a radar beep installed in a submarine. The beat and easy base bubbles along again and so does the radar like sound. It all comes across as a pretty basic production; it does work in all its minimalism although personally I must admit that no body-part of mine wanted to dance, wiggle or slightly move to this track. Something that was the opposite case when hearing the pounding Cameloa. Perhaps if Cameloa takes a bit from the breaking points of Tekno and add previously explored spices from early legendary Dutch underground techno tracks, there might be something brewing that could move a crowd into a dancing mess.

Now that these two demo tracks have been sincerely analyzed I do hope that Marcel Hoekstra basically continues to create more music and especially the hard techno variant of his work. Getting better at it, make it a little more playful and less stiff and keep those badass riffs, as those are the key for movement! Thanks for sending and letting Yeah I Know It Sucks hearing these two demo tracks, it’s appreciated! For all the people who are curious about the music adventures of Marcel Hoekstra he kindly provided a link to his personal soundcloud account.  The demo tracks might be absent there but there are more tracks to be explored, analyzed and hopefully enjoyed!

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