Vlad Shegal – Life, august 14, 2013

artist: Vlad Shegal
title: Life, august 14, 2013
cat: SPNet131
keywords: folk
label: SP Recordings http:\\www.sprecordings.com

Vlad Shegal has the right vibes to make everyone at ease when he opens up his mouth and let his words come out interlocked with the guitar that he is leaning on. The two seem to be the best friends and together this pair knows how to provide the comfortable vibes of honest campfire music. Vlad Shegal’s voice sounds sincere, warm and ultimately friendly and so does the guitar strings that his fingers play with.
Even if you as a listener are not fluent or even familiar with the Russian language, the entertaining performance seems to be universally enjoyable. Vlad Shegal makes every participant sit closely to hear the friendly feel good songs he provides, which warms every heart up from the inside out like a crackling fire. Once you hear this life performance you just know that a campfire without Vlad Shegal and his guitar is just not the same anymore! If you live to far from this musical talent, you just might want to download this free release and bring it to your own campfire adventures!

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