Blok – Самый Первый Альбом

Artist: Blok
title: Самый Первый Альбом
cat: Siro674
keywords: Garage Hip-hop
label: Sirona-Records

I really, really love the artwork of this fine sounding release by a group called Blok. Behind it they have provided 3 tunes that combine all the good elements of genre’s like hiphop, garage rock and even a sniff of punk funk. The language barrier is being blast away by simply great music that has a real ‘we will fucking rock you’ attitude! This in combination with the chill out beats that at the right times kick  you delightfully in the butt, provides the right uplifting attitude! The raw guitar is totally awesome! The flow of words are powerful and the whole record duration is a perfect brew of energy! I have nothing more to say about it than just freaking check it out and feel Blok delightfully kick your ass with music!

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