The Longdrone Flowers – She’s Strangehead Too EP

Artist: The Longdrone Flowers
title: She’s Strangehead Too EP
keywords: alternative experimental pop garage rock krautrock lo-fi noise pop

After a tiny microscopic introduction the members of The Longdrone Flowers are putting up the volume speakers into noisy atmospheres, the smoke of hiss and the terrified hardcore guitar rape seems to be an excellent fruitful collaboration to flush all the previous shit out of your system! The noise is intensive and most welcome for these moments that aggression and plain insanity just needs to be lifted up to a whole new level! This is a track that would have suited the early experience of Throbbing Gristle as it does a great job to create a massive loud psychedelic headspace.

When loaded up and completely high from the perfect noise anthem, The Longdrone Flowers will take the leftover listeners on a poetic mellow trip rock that should be in the right flavor for the sound lovers of the Doors, but with a much rawer attitude and flow. A great track for those fun private moments, of being drunk and experiencing high happiness among friends. The track speeds up towards the end to compliment the moment when the whole room starts to bounce in circles!

The ollowing track is hitting the tones of great sounding stable unstableness and has all the capacity to get the listener in a crazed daze of a ballet of raw psychedelic rock. It’s like the band members are seriously high on a great selection of LSD while recording this song, and as expected the results are stunningly insane and brilliant at the same time! The howling voices that have no shame to fly around the night are lifting up the record with all its absurdity, creating a real highlight for the music lover that digs the mentally insane! The fade out at the end is torture, as this deserves a continuation!

Our call gets heard as there is another track that seems to come out of nowhere. It is the track that corresponds with the title, ‘Strangehead’ and sounds exactly how you probably would think it would sound.
Rather strange, but also comfortably weird.

Hear the mental capacities of The Longdrone Flowers rock their way out in this awesome, new noisy record:

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