Obsolète Broadcast Système – Le Portail Du Nucleaire EP

artist: Obsolète Broadcast Système
title: Le Portail Du Nucleaire EP
cat: TAN303
keywords: Ambient, Noise, Lobit
label: Tales About Nothing

As the wonderful micro community of lobit music has been flooded by hifi productions, the arc of Obsolète Broadcast Système has carefully helped some beautiful lobit productions survive by sailing them across the seven seas, in search for a fine place of safe land to unload the  precious stock.

Many of the destinations OBS had set course too were still troubled, but on 12 october of 2013 the ship has found the safe looking harbor to fulfill the secret lobit prophesy.

Tales About Nothing, a place where noise and anything in between flourishes, has unarmed the Canadian vessel with both arms.
The tracks where welcomed as if they where a long lost family of brothers and sisters and where soon proudly published and showcased to the global surviving netlabel world!

Tales About Nothing flourished like a flower in the wind while Obsolète Broadcast Système spread it’s new lobit life in to its storyline.  A release that captured the french word of portal  in its title is something that triggers the imagination, and certainly feeds the safe host of Tales About Nothing the extra mistery it was hungry for.

Both sides prevailed, and now even us, the listener, can enjoy the good goods that Obsolète Broadcast Système has carefully saved for our pleasurable hearing opportunities.

Let us come together and if possible unlock the mystery, or just attempt to adore Le Portail and hopefully go through it. Maybe behind it lays the wonderful world of lobit before the hifi flooding disaster. a place where the sounds of Rainbow Valley, C4, Cryovolcano, Jjoth, MushroomWavedcollar, Microbit Project, pollux, Irrlicht Project, D0x10, genetic trance & the pink blob and others are holding hands while smiling happily in their self created  paradise.. Or perhaps this is the gateway to another, even more secretive world that our hero has saved for our precious ears and imagination. The only way to find out is for us to head down to Tales About Nothing and hear Le Portail
by Obsolète Broadcast Système  through our own ears! Follow me to the link at the bottom, download and press ‘play’ for the full effect!

Soft and slowly fading in is the sound of lobit mystery that becomes more and more prominent as the time is passing. The walls are starting to vibrate on the industrial sounding sounds that are escaping of this experimental sounding noise drone. It’s like the rusty crates of oily barrels are being scratched close together, pulverized by machines in the belly of a vessel. Maybe it’s the mechanical emotion of le Portail opening its rusty gates. It comes across as a very wild form of communication of roaring steel and iron with a persistent sound of non humanism. Whatever this description means, it’s described by the gatekeeper as Bruce, which seems to be a fitting name for this industrialist action that spreads through the airwaves.

Pointe Lepreau is another saved treasure that seems to come not from a place from the past, but rather something from the future or perhaps another dimension. The walls are even getting a harsher scrub over here while the sounds are steel-brushing its way through the layers of paint and wallpaper. Is this machinery perhaps a secret weapon, saved to protect from whatever it out there to destroy? Or is this secretive cherished lobit extravaganza the recording of a harsh soul, that infiltrates with its mechanical tension all who come in touch with it? It is a very strange experience as this best kept secret is difficult to describe, put in a box and be labeled. It’s a precious thing that even though it’s original harshness in sound feels at the same time as easy digestible for the human ears.  Non humanism with a hint of a soul of a mechanical beast? The options are endless, but it is for sure something that has been coming from far and has an impressive sound and feel to it. Something to be approached with gloves and a gas-mask just in case its sound-waves are poisonous.

What did I just mention? Suddenly the doomed feeling of hazardous death slips into our ears, and without further mystical camouflage the broadcast has revealed the inner secrets of Tchernobyl. The soulless place that had been damaged beyond repair with the powerful realms of nuclear power has been captured in this sad howling of crying souls that don’t have the knowledge of their own dead, or simply didn’t wanted to leave their home. The portal has opened the eyes with the ears to a dimension  of sadness and pain of a human inflicted disastrous event, something that you can feel and experience with the work that  Obsolète Broadcast Système had kindly captured for the future. Perhaps as a warning that we humans should learn from these earth changing events and the drama and suffering that comes with it.

But as we wander and let our heads slide towards these painful thoughts the alarm bells start to make a presence. It has been quite a while ago and all media output covering the case has been silent or numbed down, but not the broadcast of Obsolète Broadcast Système! We are transported to the reality that connects the past, the future and right now to our attention! Fukushima and the continuation of dreadful unstoppable leaking of  nuclear waste in to the air, the sea and into every breath of life that touches it is still going on today! They can’t brush the problem under the carpet, yet nobody seems to know how to end it. The precious portal that is now a resident in Tales About Nothing doesn’t give an answer, but does feel as an unexpected industrial wake up call of musical warning of a toxic poisoned world.

Slowly blinded by the toxic layers of the title it hit me that the carefully kept cargo of our hero was not just named ‘Le Portail’, but actually the more drastically explaining title with added ‘Du Nucleaire’.
I should have started this review with intensive protection, but warningless; just opening the page was already enough to damage my visual  receptors by misguiding this work as just a portal of some kind.  So be warned and wear safety goggles, protective hazard-suits  and other things that might be of help to avoid toxic brain damage, but whatever you do, don’t be afraid to check out the free industrial experimental moving lobit ambient works over at the following precious link:

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