Steam Flow – Karelia

artist: Steam Flow
title: Karelia
cat: TAN304
keywords: experimental, ambient
label: Tales About Nothing

When experimenting in music the results will not always fit the norm of the normal. Those releases you have to endure with a slightly different attitude, not so much listening to the actual correctness of arrangements and tones in the melody, but more as a spiritual guidance within the sound output itself.

Perhaps this seems far fetched but this 10 minute work of an artist called Steamflow is something that feels only to be enjoyed when the listener is set free of the boundaries that even in music prevails. It takes practice for the trained ears to let go, to fully let all the rules fly out of the window and just feel the sound that comes out, than the actual clashes of notes that flirt strongly within the world of out of tune, and slight wonkiness.

When reaching the right state of mind (maybe you need aroma therapy or a regular session of meditation), the actual music that is presented in this release can certainly flow your mind away from the stream, away from rational thoughts, away of rules and structure.

The result of this  light weight session of letting go with Steam Flow comes as a relaxing almost heavenly atmosphere.  Mixing acoustic experimentation with angelic hums to fulfill the refreshing calm state of freedom of mind, making this almost into a training or exercise that wouldn’t be out of place at the local spiritual yoga center.

Forget the musical rules, the burden of musical correctness and stream away with Steam Flow.

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