Table Meeting Music & Rainbow Valley – Autumn Songs

artists: Table Music Meeting & Rainbow Valley
title: Autumn Songs
format: 3″CD, digital download
keywords: ambient, folk, micro symphony, toytronic, experimental, fieldrecording
label:  Wrieuw Recordings

‘Music brings people together.’ This fact covers an extremely broad perspective of the power of music. Involving listeners, music lovers, dancers and music creators, writers, artists, gangs, grandmums and basically everyone else whitout hearing problems. there are no rules, the voice of music is a language understood by anyone involved and goes beyond borders and communication barriers. Connecting people with similar music tastes, people that come together to form a band, bands that connect with their audience and the list goes on endlessly. There are probably more music expressions than there are actually words to express yourself, which makes music probably the main language of importance in our lives.

Today we are taking a peak into a new DIY record label called ‘Wriew Recordings’ with its just released first record that comes as a pretty cute looking 3’CDr. It contains a split that once again shows that music listeners and creators who live on the other side of the globe can find each other in sound and work together in the creation of a new musical adventure, that hopefully find the right ears to inspire and connect with the music that has been captured here.

‘Table Music Meeting is a music making trio hailing from the wonderful inspirational world of Japan. The names behind this project are Toshiyuki, Maki and Naho and their musical output and sound atmospheres are loving recordings of playful improvisations mostly done with melodica, glockenspiel, guitar and more cute stuff they can lay their hands on.

Graham Boosey, a music maker and music lover from the heart, had heard Table Music Meeting through an popular online radio system and was instantly hooked to this new found sound. He loved it so much that he successfully tried to trace the group down to get in touch with them. The musical admiring between the four music makers grow when they exchanged their latest releases by the mail.

Graham Boosey is a music maker that plays with emotion and has two prominent music acts attached to his name. One is the more electronic emotion under the moniker of ‘Little Penguin’ and the other personal improvisational project is ‘Rainbow valley’. Both have his human soul intertwined, but are also very different in sound and approach. If you are not aware of these projects you might want to check them out as personally I count them as one of my favorite listening sessions.

Because being a fanboy means in the internet world to ‘like’ and ‘follow’, I could exactly see the mutual respect and musical happiness flourishing between the Japanese group and Graham, Who happens to hail from Southend On Sea, England. The automatic social media websites where keeping me as a follower up to date when the pairs received each-others music and ‘Table Music Meeting’ was automatically recommended as a sound project that might be my cup of Japanese tea. Time past and no intimate updates where posted until suddenly out of the blue this new label popped up informing that Rainbow valley and Table Music Meeting were now attached to each-other on this very cute looking release.

Their musical subject was ‘Autumn’ and the results where diverse but yet intimate and perfect match to each other. Table Meeting Music covers the emotion that comes with the seasonal transition of summer turning into winter. There is sentimental joy in the sound that complement the shedding leafs that fall from the tree’s, making it into a playful thing that also warms the listeners for the arrival of the cold. More focusing on the music that this trio has captured over here makes me want to draw comparisons between musical acts that float in a similar corner. But Table Music Meeting is one of a kind and sounds more manly in it’s approach of sweet dreamy toytronica.  Something more to the point, stripped from angelic voices, unneeded background sounds and other studio camouflages; this group feeds you their sincere collective musical table meeting in a to the point lovely approach!

Of course Rainbow Valley’s part of this loving split is also something that has been captured in a fitting state of mind.  Next to seasonal changes, a musical mind flows and grows slowly into different directions.  With the track on this release it is the introduction to a new era of musical approach for Rainbow Valley. He calls this new direction a form of ‘quiet music’. This upon listening means that the listener should be in surroundings of silence to be able to fully receive the impact of what has been captured here. Your ears will be kindly greeted with another perspective of the autumn concept. Birds and nature are improvising and function as prominent ingredients that form the pastry for the light quite music that fits in the natural flow perfectly.

Table Meeting Music’s miniature symphony and the complimenting and accentuating of wild life in Southend On Sea by Rainbow Valley, are very connected in sound and feeling. Both These two music projects have created a nice balance together of something that is possibly enjoyable for everyone with a (green) heart.

The record looks utterly cute and dedicated something that feels very personal and would be a great gift for a loved one, or for your own collection and enjoyment. A true collectable that deserves to be cherished, with music that compliments autumn at any moment of the year. There are only 25 copy’s made and each of them come with a by yours truly designed Wrieuw cat badge! What else do you need to know about music and connections? Get this for yourself, your friends and to the one you care for as this little gift is preciously handmade in each and every way. Get connected with Wrieuw recordings and meet the wonderful music of Table Meeting Music and Rainbow Valley at the following magical link:


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