Mytrip – Scattered I

artist: Mytrip
title: Scattered I
format: Tape / Digital Download
keywords: ambient, dark ambient, drone, drone ambient, experimental

It took a very long time to review this release. I’ve listened to it many times and enjoyed each session, but did not find the right words to express how great this record is in sound. The release was available on tape but by the time of finally releasing this review upon the world, has been unfortunately all sold out.

Luckily for the ones that were too late to get the tape in their hands; they have the option to download the actual music for a name your own price at the project official bandcamp page. I completely recommend it as every time I started to listen to this work my brain melts into the sounds and keeps my ears totally mesmerized.

It’s an difficult album to attach words too, it’s dark but not dark, it’s creepy at times but not creepy, it is comfortable but not that comfortable. It’s one of those things that keep my mind completely captivated when these tracks are playing. The sound production and collage is so deep and intensively well produced that it somehow puts me in a total trance state that makes the job of reviewing almost impossible.

There are four amazing tracks that are intensive listening sessions that as an audio and sound lover is something you should hear. The best way to fully capture the great thrill and excitement of these long stretched dark sound compositions is probably with the ears comfortably surrounded by rather large headphones.

While listening to this on the headphones you will know why it’s almost an impossible task to do a track by track review, these tracks will totally absorb you and transport your mind into the world of ‘Mytrip’. A world that will leave you speechless, with open mouth, and a forgetful mind of everything else around you.

It’s that kind of magical record that ‘Mytrip’ has unleashed to the world over here. The only way to find out if this effect will be applied to your own brain while listening to this, is taking the trip and hear ‘Scattered I’ for yourself.

It is an absolutely mind hack of a dark beauty! A total recommendation for anyone interested in dark experimental ambient that goes far beyond the normal standard!

You would be a fool to totally miss out on this record, so get it over here:

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