52 Commercial Road – Communion

Artist: 52 Commercial Road
title: Communion
format: CD
keywords: alternative, post rock, rock ambient, instrumental, math rock, shoegaze, soundtrack, London

Commercial road.. Commercial road in London.. Wasn’t that the road that had this club and restaurant called The Spitz align to it? My god I remember myself taking a plate and hitting it with a fork along the music while shocked waitresses where witnessing under the table smuggled alcohol use by a league of friendly Italians.

Commercial road.. I remember quickly emptying wine bottles in the street and wondering where to go on Commercial Road… Commercial road was that not the street close to Bricklane? spittalfieldmarket? The place where hipsters shop and gangsters team up with the art-world? Or was that Commercial Street?

Ah Commercial road.. I remember a kebab shop that wasn’t a kebab shop but an actual coffeeshop as if you were in Amsterdam. You could walk downstairs and there where all these dodgy looking people with pale faces playing snooker while smoking weed or hash and on commando the drawer of the counter would be opened to showcase the weed that was for sale. I remember nobody eating upstairs which was perhaps strange as you might think that after smoking all that green they might have an urge for the munchies.. I remember the place being closed down not very long after they had opened, probably sold ‘kebab’ to an undercover cop.

Commercial Road.. A road that brings up personal memories of a weird time, a time of smoking salvia as if they were cigarettes, music and wild dancing, alternative tours with a friendly alcoholic killer called Clifton and the realization that the time of the mafia family’The Kray’s’ is not over but just taken over by another family with less urge to be seen in the papers holding guns and posing with super stars. It is a place where not everything is what it seems, the flower salesman sells heroine, the cute looking sandwich shop is being pimped and more dodgy but yet interesting stuff is going on there.

Commercial road.. number 52? Nope, doesn’t ring a bell.. I might have been there.. Commercial Road.. Well I was mostly out of my mind and even the fact that it is just a single road, I still managed to get lost there between Commercial Street and Commercial Road anyway.. So.. Commercial Road 52, he? Wasn’t that a band? Something with music and stuff like that?Ah, yes something is starting to ring in my long lost memory! I remember it now, I’ve come across it many times on my intoxicated walks.

I remember how mesmerizing the melodies where floating through the street and blended in so perfectly in the atmosphere of this rough but very imaginative road. It captures the right touches of gloomy London with its grey skies and dodgy sides but also delivered the happy go lucky bright side of adventure and fun.

London is a place where anything can happen but it’s up to the human inhabitant to choose the right road or walk that fits its life style. I loved it as it’s an city of total opposites, a place of glitter and neon lights, crime, troubled youth, out of touch ministers, virgin blood eating  lizards, history, ghosts, partying and rudeness. A place that is exciting, beautiful, dark and depressive and ultimately the ultimate source for fantastic odd adventures.

I remember 52 Commercial Road as it delivered always the right music to walk between the buildings and see the busses pass by. It’s funny when actually being at 52 Commercial Road I was simply taking this enhanced music for granted, just an extra that belonged on the journey of this side of town. But now as I’m older and moved away from the european continent in exchange for a blue sky and fresh fruit, London and Commercial Road and especially 52 Commercial Road started to work as a piece of melancholia for the mind.

Being homesick is a strong word, but a longing to be in Commercial Road, walking past 52 Commercial Road and going down to Commercial Street to sniff the doom and gloom, the thrill of fun, the excitement of danger, the enhanced mode of depression, the buzz of this street is buzzing all day and night as if it’s alive! If the brick houses on Commercial Road could tell stories, they would write books full of them.

But lucky Commercial Road is captured with all its city appeal and has been made available to anyone in the world to inhale and enjoy. 52 Commercial Road has absorbed and sampled the musical feeling of this side of town and released it on Compact Disc or as digital download. The fun thing is that the actual music over here is taken from or inspired on a by critical critics praised independent movie called ‘Communion’. By taking a quick look at the trailer you can spot an english looking background, but surprisingly it doesn’t feature Commercial Road as a backdrop. Not that it matters but I was just hoping for another flashback of nostalgia!

For now the album is in pre-order phase, so as a reviewer I’m basically judging the album by instinctual impression, as only one of the seven tracks is hearable at this moment of writing. This track that is also the opener of the record is called ‘Midnight Mass’ and corresponds to me more to a nostalgic walk down memory-lane, or in this case Commercial Road. Past 52 Commercial Road all the way to the end and back again, if you are a quick walker. If the other tracks on this album are in the same mood as this one, it will for sure be something that will be a great soundtrack for sentimental thoughts, long walks and to taste the atmosphere of a brewing side of the city of London. Pre-order the album (release date 10 November!) and hear the first track for yourself at the link at the bottom, or if you are in the area, just walk past to number 52 on Commercial Road for a chat  http://52commercialroad1.bandcamp.com/

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