Monotrio – illli

artist: Monotrio
title:  illli
keywords: microsound, experimental, electronic, abstract
label: PicPac

just look at it for a bit, let it sink in the brain and just enjoy the visual sight of the arrangement of this letter, so well as lower case and capitals. It’s something easy to be over looked, but in reality this title is pretty much a piece of art.


It can be an ascii icon  for two people facing a trio blockade. Or perhaps two pillars standing next to an entrance, or a space invader character or just an silly face.

illli can be whatever you want it to be. But today it’s the album title of this release by Monotrio. An act with a name to be jealous about, as everyone loves trio’s and mono sounds, right? With this free downloadable release Monotrio will explain how to make your own ‘illli’ character. It looks difficult, but with the step by step easy guidance everyone will be able to create their own


First we take the ‘i’ This goes splendidly well by hearing the soundtrack that carries the same name. It’s very stereo for an act called Monotrio, but that is more an welcoming surprise than a disappointment.  It’s microtonal experiment manifest in a warm hypnotic but short track that will set the trend to continue with our creative activity.

We take the word ‘one’ and repeat it a few times to trigger the fine and smooth weird parade of strange, almost technoid weirdness. Simply let the music of Monotrio guide your inner-senses as it will make the placing of the right ‘I’ very easily.

Now look at the results, dear hobbyists. We already had ‘i’ and now we added an ‘I’, which means if everyone followed the instructions correctly we should have:


I bet you are now hungry for more and eager to find out how to get the rest of this art object assembled. Lucky Monotrio really made everything as easy as possible.

Simply follow Monotrio applying two ‘I’ while hearing the delivered audio madness that is very trippy and hypnotic in its being. Just get into this sound trance and you will place two capitals II in an easy mind controlled instant. Just look at the result:


When looking upon this structure above you know it’s almost finished, but is in need for some additional final touch. Nonetheless I would recommend to hear the track with the similar name as it is a celebration of mechanical micro sounds that go around in very enjoyable loops. After having your head examined in a friendly way it is time to get the super glue once again and add an ‘i’ to the end.

Don’t do this alone, but do it with Monotrio. Vast, quick and efficient with a solid high sound that directs the letter at the right place without any difficulties. Here we are brothers and sisters, all who have accessed this special do-it-yourself art creation that stole some fruits from ‘painting by numbers’ should now be in possession of your very own ‘iIIIi’ icon.

It can be a cute looking old fashioned wooden garden gate, it can be guards guarding a jail, or it can just be a more abstract interpretation of pure nonsense. But look at it, isn’t it beautiful?


Make your own and let the musical instructions of Monotrio guide you over at the following link:

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