Fm-Ra – Timeless

artist: Fm-Ra
title: Timeless
cat: DER03
format: floppy diskette / free download
keywords: ambient, electronic,
label: Diskette Etikette Records

The third release on floppy label Diskette Etikette Records was released way back in time. But as time is passing by the impression of this specific release has never left my mind. In fact it seems to have nestled in my soul and comes bubbling up when experiencing moments of lobit nostalgia.

I remember being surprised by the sublime and crystal clear sound quality these beautiful tracks where captured in. It was a complete inspiration to me and probably for others to hear the full potential of the floppy diskette as an medium to release great records on!

Records that will be strong and beautiful enough to survive throughout the years and will just be as amazing and fresh as the day that they have been created.

Fm-Ra is giving the listener the ultimate hint by naming this release ‘timeless’. It’s basically spot on and hits the nail on the head of what this release is actually about. Great music that stands firmly in the age of time.

If the floppy diskette is also the medium strong enough to survive decades is yet to be seen, but the fact that they are around, cherished and loved and used for cute high standard DIY music releases by quality and fun loving artists and record labels is for sure a sign of strong survival skills. There is the perfume of nostalgia, the liquor of flexibility, the authentic look that is irresistibly different from the cold and shiny compact disc.  Diskettes are simply said: plain cute, affordable, lightweight and damn pretty perfect in size and bites.

But of course with mediums like this there is also the downside that some people will miss out on these great records that are released on these beautiful cuties. Lucky for the people that want to hear this specific timeless record by Fm-Ra and have missed out on the original floppy diskette release; Diskette Etikette has been so very kind to release the tracks also as an free download.

Kindly supported by the great servers of, which is an service that in this time of all these governments attacking the internet, will hopefully survive and be a timeless medium on its own.  Fm-Ra’s timeless is basically available for anyone with an internet connection, so there is no excuse really to not be able to hear this classic floppy diskette release with your own hearing system.   Just roll out your imagination to imagine what beauties will hide under titles like: ‘Love Eternal’, ‘Angel Child’,  ‘blue Dawn’ & ‘You Are The Light’. Just thinking about it will make you brain drool for hearing these lovely electronic ambient works. I suggest don’t be nasty, treat yourself right and feed what your brain needs and get this wonderful relaxing tracks over for free at the following link:

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