rzo the singer – owner of the world

Artist: rzo the singer
title: owner of the world
format: tape / digital download
keywords: singer & songwriter, punk, ballad, indie, lo-fi
label: Weakie Discs http://weakiediscs.bandcamp.com

Out on a wonderful tape and also available as digital download is the newest output of ‘rzo the singer’. It is proudly made available through the easy to remember DIY label Weakie Discs and the content is basically down to earth, raw singer & song writer material with a nice touch of humor’s finest punk elements.

The first song is called ‘keep dying’ and has the most positive message of them all. It is as a warm welcome that spread in the ears of the listeners. The song writing and singing way makes me think of a mix between G.G. Allin and Kurt Cobain. This reference is not something to push ‘rzo the singer’ inside a box, but more something to invite friends of these legendary people into hearing this fresh brewing work of this new talent.

‘Adelaide hides’ starts with a nice piece of acoustic guitar that sounds a bit dreamy as well as sunny. When ‘rzo the singer’ starts to sing another reference comes up, it is a rather strange one so don’t be shocked. But here the voice of ‘rzo the singer’ reminds me of a punk version of Antonio Banderas singing a song in ‘Evita’.

‘rzo the singer’ is like a chameleon, but even though the changes of colors and adapting to the environments, in each and every song he is real, touchy and acousticly charming. The music is describable as punk ballads, with a complete highlight at the end of this fun record called ‘farted out of my soul’. It just answers you if you wondered where these ingenious written songs came from.  ‘farted out of my soul’ is one of those songs that you can’t help but sing along with.

This little record is for sure a great showcase of ‘rzo the singer’, its attitude convinces me of its potential as a hideout for misfits of society, punks, and other types of people who relate and don’t want to hear cheeky bullshit for once and a while.

If rzo the singer just farted this out of his soul than imagine what rzo could come up with while doing other things. Whatever you do, you should check this raw talent out and hear and get (if possible) this DIY release for yourselves: http://weakiediscs.bandcamp.com/album/owner-of-the-world

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