Flat Affect – Transition

Artist: Flat Affect
title: Transition
cat: SPNet137
keywords: experimental, drone, noise, ambient
label: SP www.sprecordings.com

Upon hearing the news of a brand new release by Flat Affect, I almost peed myself from excitement. Just a few drops of urine became visible and I was lucky to behold a complete waterfall. It just came so out of the blue, so unexpected! A new Flat Affect! What a surprise!

Upon further reading that the work was made used by skipping a CD without permission and voices of Ech(o) and Dominique Divine, the excitement once again overwhelmed me enough to come in the embarrassing position of not only fully losing control of my bladder but also of the more nastier mess making anus. Instead of squeezing my cheeks to check if it was indeed a dream, my body has giving me a wet and stinky dream to make sure that it was all a great reality.

After showering and changing into clean pants I was able to fully concentrate on this brand new Flat Affect.

Transition starts with a fine mechanical buzz that is quite possible generated by the skipping compact disc. The sound moves over to another almost lucid loop and a warm lush voice can be heard softly doing her whispering business. It gives the audio a very beautiful layer that goes extremely well with the low toned tones that play underneath it.

Than before understanding the technical things that are going on, beauty erupts and hypnotizes the listener as if it’s the look of irresistible nymphs sitting on a rock in search for brave sailors to drown. This description does not come close to what is really going on over here, as this Flat Affect track seems to remove itself from all negativity, and is in perfect balance for a positive chill out experience. Although it possible to drown in this sound as these 15 minutes are passing by in a smooth pace, enough to forget the things around you and exchange the buzzy thoughts with a peaceful mind.

In fact I feel like the most appropriate way of listening to this work is between the state of sleeping and sinking in the R.E.M part of dreaming. But as this is perhaps difficult to plan, I would recommend to play it on repeat while you are going to bed for a good night sleep. This can be of course on any moment of the day, as by closing your eyes you can make it night even in sunny daylight. I have not experienced any lucid dreaming yet while hearing this music, but I believe that hearing this ambience at the right moment in time; fantastical things might happen! Wet dreams for everybody!

get the newest and one of the most ear friendly Flat Affect  release over at the following link:

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