Ross Wallace Chait – Routine Symptoms

Artist: Ross Wallace Chait
Title: Routine Symptoms
cat: AMOK065
keywords: experimental, electronics, avant-garde, noise
label: Amok Recordings

Ross Wallace Chait has brought out a new album through Amok recordings on cassette and compact disc. It is called ‘routine symptoms’ and comes along with a nice looking glitchy piece of album cover.

It all starts with a track called ‘indoor one’ and as soon as it starts to play Ross Wallace Chait’s fantasy world starts to announce itself in high grade experimental audio. I believe everyone can interpreted these kind of tracks to their own imagination as the soundtrack is rather abstract, but to me it comes across as a friendly dinner party with Alice and the mad hatter enjoying a summers breeze, cut cupcakes in half, sharpen their cute little knives and listen to friendly tones that sets a disney-esque atmosphere in the background.  There are the noises, they buzz and buzz and getting louder and more dominant. It is like a classical orchestra that comes to an climax, except it’s done here with that fine noise that eats the whole friendly sounding recording with ease.

The second track ‘interlude’ is keeping in the atmosphere of an orchestra piece that is being performed in a glitchy fantasy world.

‘Routine symptoms’ the title track of this album surprised my ears by choosing a different direction in sound, it felt as if another dimension of music was opened when suddenly a voice clings together with the roaming base and the whole set starts to push towards a rough but yet clean essence of psychedelica. The crystal clear tiny snippets of used field recordings at the end really gives this sound trip an awakening feeling. Headphones are recommended to capture the complete experience.

Then it’s time for more mystery with ‘the juvenile’. The opening feels as if we are tripping while walking in a strange setting of music. There are flutes, weird sounds, magical elements and when walking through we encounter strange flying friendly creatures, voices and more things to wander about. This music is very trip friendly and would be a great friend to push the limits of psychedelic happenings I guess. Magic mushrooms and Ross Wallace Chait’s album would be a great match as the tone comes across as very natural, even though being based on electronic compositional work.

‘Seductiver failure’ starts with what sounds as a skipping CD, before ripping your player apart to find the error the other sounds start to join in. It’s all a bit crispery, a bit weird. A combination of multiple sounds transforming from a simple loop, into an alarming state and then into a louder but warm sound soup. I know it sound cryptic, but try to describe it for yourself. It’s one of those things that should be heard as words will not cover it. ‘Polluting Walden’ starts of silently, but slowly the void is filled with something that makes me think of old papers that are being shaken near a high quality microphone. They start to fade, come back more as little crispers while other sounds are introducing itself among them. The papers are transforming into creepy crawlers, or better known as fast walking bugs. A flute that sounds like a panicked seagull shows up and disappears. Now Ross Wallace Chait is recording and playing with other stuff that could make a basis for this track. Coins, or a piece of tiny iron? It can be anything, as the sound artist mastered the way of taking things and transforming them into these soundscapes. The previous tracks are fuller in sound at once; with ‘Polluting Walden’ it is more a one by one showcase of them. There are helium gas sounds, water, distortion, an orchestra, soft hiss, and some kind of electricity. Personally this track had a hard time to fully capture my attention as I simply prefer to dive straight into the pool of sounds for surprise, than slowly sinking into it with formal introductions.

The last track is what I am talking about! It is called ‘in a airport, etc’ and is a complete sound fest that before you have any idea what is happening exactly, overrules all the rules with its bombastic and great sounding experimental music collage. There are parts of dramatic jazz, ultimate noise factors and strangely enjoyable surprise elements that will probably flabbergast each and every listener that comes across it! The perfect ‘WoW what the hell did I just listened?’ feeling comes up when the end of the track has left the ears begging for more. A perfect end for a wicked trip friendly album that you could (and should) obtain at the following link:

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