Emanuele Muro – Brokenline (NJMP3-0449)

Emanuele Muro - Brokenline

This is the… blue. There’s a lot of blue. But, importantly, it also happens to be the album artwork for Brokenline, by Emanuele Muro.

Artist: Emanuele Muro
Title: Brokenline
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0449
Keywords: Illbient, Latin, Downtempo, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

I am here today with another long-lost gem from the Noise-Joy jewel-belt: Emanuele Muro’s Brokenline, a lovely little 3-track piece that will surely fill your hearts and souls with joy! Joyishness, feelings of that ilk.

It gets started with a track titled ‘Let It Be Me’, with very sweet sounding strings, a hat and congas, atmospheres, very chill, progressing rapidly but naturally. A bassline comes in, followed by the reverb-heavy vocals that, for being a little amateurish actually inspire me a lot, because they are imperfect and yet soar with wings spread far in this realm of music; it’s very beautiful. Oh, there’s a harmonica at one point, tastefully emerging above the pads at the end.

Then it is ‘Broken Line’, on which we hear strange, sucking-sludge-through-a-straw noises, some strings and harmonic pads, music box glockenspiels. The vocals come in and, is it just me or does there seem to be an audible inspiration in this track of early-’80s Genesis? It’s very abstract though, and many sounds seem mostly to slip around in the background.

Last on this short work is ‘Sky Vibrations’. After a brief moment of silence, some very lovely guitar/pad chords come on, it’s very nice! The vocals, imperfect as throughout the other pieces, echo in, adding immeasurably to the positive vibes I have while listening to it. It’s a pleasure to listen to, and this is probably my favourite among the three tracks on this release. The tones at the end… are beautiful, I really wish all of this had been extended!!!

Anyway, that’s my story… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and still do! Here’s a link for you, old friends:


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