mhz_ – 03/09/2013

artist: mhz_
title: 03/09/2013
cat: SPTOtfSP034
keywords: lobit, HNW
label: SPTOtfSP

The one and only identity with the artist name of ‘mhz_’ has brought out a release on SPTOtfSP that explores the compatibility between two forms of outsider genres; HNW & lobit. It starts of softly with what seems to be an abstract voice chatting away in a unrecognizable way. This voice will reappear in this more than 26 minute during sound experiment that mhz_ has perfectly cut so it could be fitted on a charming floppy diskette. For a self-described HNW the work seems to contain not just one continuous wall of noise, but more one that has more flexibility, something that changes or show little hints of variations. This approach makes this release rather interesting upon listening as the continuous flow of lobit noise does it’s best to keep the listeners attention with these tiny little signs of human twists and add-ons.

It keeps me thinking if these things are really findable in this recording or is it a hallucinative effect that HNW seems to trigger when played loudly. I can’t give you any answer on this as upon listening and re-listening the sound that comes up in my ears keep on changing, and upon every listening session it feels as if there are new details highlighted that my brain did not have registered before. Whatever the answer is, the work of mhz_ on here has certainly been captivating me for hours as the lengthy noise piece in this warm lobit rate has certainly done its job into making me trip on this continuous sound flow.

This release is freely available as a download and is also as a pay-for-print floppy diskette release. Unfortunately the main SP label is going through a transition with the ordering system which at the moment  makes the floppy variant a bit harder to get, but if pulling the right person at the right moment doors will open, it’s a bit of struggle but also at the same time makes gaining rarities like this even more precious!  Get this release as an instant download over here:
explore the SPTOtfSP catalogue for more releases, info, clues and hints:

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