RPM Orchestra – Three uses of the knife

artist: RPM Orchestra
title: Three uses of the knife
cat: Siro644
keywords: Proto-Industrial Americana / Live Recording
label: Sirona-Records

On the background we hear the surroundings of intoxicated people, lavishly talking as if they just sucked up  lines of sugar and alcohol. Where are we? Is it someone’s birthday today ? Or are we in some kind of public bar? Either way it comes across as if we, as an listener, are finding ourself in the situation of being sober at a festive party where everybody else seems to be wasted. Yeah I know, that is a situation that kinda sucks. But before looking around in search to steal some left over drinks from the chatters in the background; music comes up! A jazzy drummer plays his instrument in the corner while a certain drone tries to silence the people that are obviously having a good time. When the drummer finally gives up playing some more industrialist noises are being launched. But the customers who are obviously still out of their mind and keep minding their own business are just ignoring the whole show. This is perhaps why the track is probably called the “pop-up salvation show”. We are suddenly ‘pop’  there and nobody cares for salvation!

A different story is the ‘To Wonderland’ recording on this release by RPM Orchestra. Here the audience is silent, either they are all focused or the loudly ones killed by the jazz drummer that we heard before, but the place is finally in silence. Sometimes we hear a polite audience laugh, but here the room is mostly filled with adventurously slow paced avant-garde music. The place is filled with mystique by a nice variety of instruments that seem to reconstruct a wonderland of sounds and nature.

the last track ‘lights out’ is sounding like an romantic mix of a drunk tap dancer and the melodramatic atmosphere of the godfather. It has a  really nice balance of beauty and a fine direction towards chaos at the end. The drummer once again hits the right beats and is the one who laughs the last.

get this interesting release of RPM Orchestra over at the following link:

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