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52 Commercial Road – Communion

Artist: 52 Commercial Road title: Communion format: CD keywords: alternative, post rock, rock ambient, instrumental, math rock, shoegaze, soundtrack, London Commercial road.. Commercial road in London.. Wasn’t that the road that had this club and restaurant called The Spitz align … Continue reading

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Mytrip – Scattered I

artist: Mytrip title: Scattered I format: Tape / Digital Download keywords: ambient, dark ambient, drone, drone ambient, experimental It took a very long time to review this release. I’ve listened to it many times and enjoyed each session, but did … Continue reading

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SOQR – Dispute with internal flaw (single)

artist: SOQR title: Dispute with internal flaw (single) keywords: doom, experimental metal, psychedelic. label: Great Hedgehogs’ records netlabel Every ear that comes in touch with the following track by the duo that is named SOQR will be instantly infused … Continue reading

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Pollux – Tension

artist: Pollux title: Tension cat: Siro373 keywords: ambient, drone, lobit label: Sirona-records ‘Probability” As if we look inside a pair of beautiful eyes and fly behind the sparkle. This is how it feels when going for a calming experience produced … Continue reading

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Alex Spalding – Themes From Toxic Chicken

Artist: Alex Spalding Title: Themes From Toxic Chicken cat: SPNet102 keywords: chiptune, 8bit, chiptunes, game music label: SPNet reviewers: two V.I.P’s The voice: Hello, dear Yeah I Know It Sucksers! Welcome at a very special review on a very … Continue reading

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tvmessiah – Trust Us / Handicap Space

artist: tvmessiah title: Trust Us /Handicap Space keywords: Comedy Rap, Hip-Hop, Rap, Rave, Experimental label: m7 Records We get many emails regarding music to check out, some of them demo’s, most of them released and sometimes just pure promo tracks. … Continue reading

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Robodrum – Robot Invader

Artist: Robodrum title: Robot Invader Keywords: electro Label: Militant Science Robodrum is here with a fresh selection of robotic drums and well-oiled electro grooves. What else does a humanoid need to turn into a dancing machine? Robodrum caters everyone who … Continue reading

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Caténine / Funeral Advantage Split EP (da007)

Artists: Caténine & Funeral Advantage Title: N/A Label: Disposable America Catalog #: da007 Keywords: Dream Pop, New Wave, Bedroom Pop Reviewer: RTF Though consisting of new material from both acts and released in mid-September of this year, this split could … Continue reading

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B3TAS – Ease EP

Artist: B3TAS title: Ease EP cat: SBWS163 keywords: Chillstep, IDM, electronica, indietronica, chillwave label: Subwise Netlabel B3TAS is a newcommer from Ufa, Russia. He is kindly described by the Subwise Netlabel as young, strong and awesome. I do not know … Continue reading

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The Bar-Steward Sons Of Val Doonican – Jump Ararnd E.P.

Artist: The Bar-Steward Sons Of Val Doonican title: Jump Ararnd E.P. keywords: comedy, metal, punk, rock, folk, pop The party starts instantly upon hearing the first seconds and will keep the good fun intact until the very end of this … Continue reading

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