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Knoxious – gagarin

artist: Knoxious title: gagarin keywords: stoner rock, punk Fanatic cartoon animals are shooting an great amount of shit out of their cute assholes. They are not sitting on toilets or holes in the ground, no they prefer to bend over … Continue reading

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Pollux – Lies Of Your God (None)

Artist: Pollux Title: Lies Of Your God Label: Halsteds Cat#: None Keywords: Experimental, Ambient, Drone, IDM, Noise Reviewer: God God damnit… no, literally. This is God here, and I’m pissed. Who let Satan have control of this website to write … Continue reading

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Various Artists – A Tribute To Satan (Siro666)

Artists: Various Title: A Tribute To Satan Label: Sirona-Records Cat#: Siro666 Keywords: Death Metal, Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Noise, Industrial, Hardcore, Drone, Experimental, Doom, Electronica, Grindcore, Other Reviewer: Satan We are in Hell… we see flames everywhere. Menacing daemons, too hideous … Continue reading

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Totalitny Rezim – Closed Ward Memories

Artist: Totalitny Rezim title: Closed Ward Memories cat: Siro682 keywords: Experimental / Industrial / Noise / Field Recordings / Other label: Sirona-Records Totalitny Rezim is an anti-all dada industrial noise collective. The group consist of Adolf Hypnotic Jagelsson, Artmiso … Continue reading

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Johanna Warren – My Storm

artist: Johanna Warren title: My Storm keywords: folk, sing & songwriter, heart-music, video website: Imagine having needles stuck through your eyebrows and both corners of your lips.. Wouldn’t that suck? Imagine them being attached with strings handled by a … Continue reading

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Various Artists – You Might Have Heard Of Us… Vol. 1

artists: Various title: You Might Have Heard Of Us… Vol. 1 keywords: various music made by artists with odd names label: Pimpmelon Records You might have heard of us… …or probably not considering our ridiculous name! This is a series … Continue reading

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Material Action – Dance (video)

artist: Material Action title: Dance (video) keywords: cosmic wave, chill wave, electrowave, synthppopwave, Hi-NRG & lo-NRG, video, hypnotic, cool as fuck electronica, video Material Action is an duo consisting of Eric Sexton (synths, percussion, voices) & Alex Spalding (Rhythms, synths, … Continue reading

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Jan Terri – Journey to Mars / Excuse my Christmas

artist: Jan Terri title: Journey to Mars / Excuse My Christmas keywords: Jan Terri’s space rock/ Jan Terri’s christmas song label:  JR Records Jan Terri is some hot and tough space lady rocker! Armed in a fitting space suit she … Continue reading

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Living Ghosts – Falling Apart (Ft. Jazzmine Brazil)

Artist: Living Ghosts Title: Falling Apart (Ft. Jazzmine Brazil) keywords: alternative, emo, indie ‘Falling Apart’ is the single for Living Ghosts upcoming EP; The Thought of Giving up. Upon first listen you might think that the singer is falling apart, … Continue reading

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The Children’s Encyclopædia – The Strings That Make The Music

artist: The Children’s Encyclopædia title: The Strings That Make The Music format: CD / digital download keywords: guitar/fx improv, abstract label: 4-4-2 Music ‘Seeing what is not there’ My eyes are closed and my brain is subjected to the … Continue reading

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