Ulguma – Primes (single)

artist: Ulguma
title: Primes (single)
keywords: experimental
reviewer: Arno Van Der Knaak

Hi, my name is Arno Van Der Knaak, I’m a professional and well celebrated hair stylist.  I do not know anything about music or writing and have no interest in a career change as a reviewer. Yet I am here writing to you on a review blog that seems to cover music in the broadest sense of the word. Why? I’m not really sure actually..

One of my clients gave me a fat tip and begged me to do a guest review. He gave me a link that I will give to you at the bottom of this writing and told me not to worry as he was sure that I would enjoy the music that could be found there. I have to admit that it’s a nice break from cutting & brushing hair and that I actually was kinda curious how this would turn out really. So please bare with me, while attempting this review.

Ulguma is a new one-man experimental music project and just released its very first single online. He explains that the single has no cover artwork, so our designer team came up with the one seen above, just to decorate this review. We hope it’s appreciated! The lack of original artwork is in a way good, as it will probably help to completely focus on the actual single. So what does ‘Primes’ sound like?


Scissors? Yes, it sounds like scissors!

I’m not sure if they are the big ones to cut the hedge outside or small ones to cut paper, or as in my proffesion: hair.. Is it one scissor or more? It’s an experimental project so everything is possible. To me it felt exciting to hear a significant part of my profession being loudly recorded and honored in ‘primes’ and if you are into similar things you might appreciate it too. Or perhaps someone with a scissor fetish or disappointed fans of the scissor sisters?

The debut release of Ulguma was a fun break to hear and review. It suited me as a hairstylist perfectly and think about playing it in the background while I give my clients a new haircut. This music is literally cutting edge, if you know what I mean!

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