Juan Antonio Nieto and Chris Silver T – memories of a bedroom toy clock

Artists: Juan Antonio Nieto and Chris Silver T
Title: Memories of a bedroom toy clock
cat: oz078
keywords: experimental
label: ozky e-sound Netlabel http://www.ozkyesound.altervista.org/

I hope you don’t mind me skipping the question of what an actual bedroom toy clock is, than we could just fast forward to another question that comes to mind while approaching this release: Does a bedroom toy clock have memories?

Artists Juan Antonio Nieto and Chris Silver T are certain of this and even teamed up to convince the doubtful people by reconstructing these bedroom toy clock memories into their own interpretation of music. Juan Antonio Nieto does this by providing the electronics to this release, while Chris Silver T takes care of the experimental drums.

So how do these bedroom toy clock memories sound like? Well they sound surprisingly different than our usual cup of memoir inspired music. It might even be that this specific bedroom toy clock had some traumatic past as the experimental music seems to go all the way back to its assembling days. The sound of steel birdcages that are being hit in artistic random spasm attacks goes fluently together with the loose jazz fusion drums that simply go more and more berserk. It’s as if that mad drummer of the Muppet show has grown up to be an avant-garde art-show performer.

What the hell did this innocent looking bedroom toy clock have gone through before being safely pictured on the front cover of this release? I’m not totally sure really but maybe you, dear reader, can decipher these memories for yourself? Maybe you have one bedroom toy clock in the bedroom, or are close related to one so it will be easier to identify with these memories? Personally I’ve never seen or met one other than the one captured by Nieto’s artwork that is shown above.

To me the thoughts of this bedroom toy clock are far away from my own human bedroom toy thought, which makes it difficult to identify with these memory interpretations. It’s nonetheless a surprising recording of two artists that seem to know what they are talking about themselves as their music is solid in this odd experimental art style upon reaching the end. Get memories of a bedroom toy clock over here:

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