Silver Arm – Steady Like A Vein

artist: Silver Arm
title: Steady like a vein
keyword: Alternativepunkrocknoisegreatness!

Silver Arm is back! Not that this wicked band had left the planet, but they just unleashed a completely new fearful single! This time they have captured a thrilling mental state that should be injected straight into the veins! Find some help of a brutal hammer forcing the needle deep into your system and before you know it: panic attacks will appear mixed with the intensive thrill of fine paranoia!

Silver Arm is on the edge here and this  state is infectious to anyone that comes across them! Don’t worry when your eyes will start to pop out, your heartbeat goes berserk, your brain start to boil and you feel overwhelmed by incredibly restless as this is perfectly normal while you feel this single of Silver Arm speeding through your veins! This panic attack triggering new single is a real thrill!

The group is at its most intense in their latest single, pretty much feeding the energetic vibes until reaching the hyper state of paranoia. Perfect music to hype up a generation of killers and a fantastic way of euthanizing the weak with a faint smile. Take the wild ride, you will be fine! watch the video, it has some fancy stroboscope effects to take good care of viewers suffering of epilepsy!

If you are still alive and want more from where this came from, than please dare to follow the following link:

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