Arktis / Air – Arktis Air

artist: Arktis / Air
title: Arktis / Air
keywords: math rock freestyle jazz?

A track named ‘Enter’ is the logical choice to start the debut album of this band called ‘Arktis / Air’. Within two minutes this band will force feed the listener with an adventurous free style rock jazz extra ordinary! If this is where Arktis / Air’s sound is all about than lovers of mentalism and exciting music are settled for a great fun loving album!

Without problems they make way for more magic that flourish between these band-members! Arktis / air is simply putting an tight pact of constructed musical madness together that seems to take the best things of improvisation into super tightness, while deliciously swinging around in an absurd case of math-rock, without being math-rock. Can anyone still follow me?

‘Morphology’ is also an very nice piece of music that keeps on transforming while the instruments seems to be swinging in the way that they complement each other by waving around  the notes in many creative ways.

The track ‘no prophet’ is a different direction than the busy more chaotic music that we heard before. Here we meet a more sensitive and stripped down side of Arktis / Air, of course there is room for craziness and sound exploration but in general this track seems to breathe the soul of free jazz that lives on in different bars and clubs around the world and of course the musicians that play within them.

Before lighting up a cigarette and relaxing at the bar, the band already fused the soul of old school relax-jazz with the spirit of a rock band. ‘namazzu’ is the result and rocks my ears all the way to the whiskey bar! The room will spin around, the walls will fall over and the floors will bounce! And that is in this case a good thing!

Then it’s time to go quickly to the toilet, splash some water in the face and maybe deliver a small message. You have to be done in 40 seconds as that’s the full length that the filler track ‘glimmer’ will give you before the band start to erupt an even more wilder sound!

This is the sound of self-described dirt & tragedy, but personally I experience this more as the sound of magic mushrooms and the liquid content of a crate of energy drinks. A very wild musical ride where chaos is structured in the way that every soulful person will start to freak out On these bizarre and fine loopy but insanely orchestrated mental outburst of music! It’s absolutely weird, but at the same time so very good! The direction of this amazing band really knows what they are doing in making order out of chaos and jamming so tightly while delivering all these surprises along the way.

The last track on this self-titled debut album takes up a winter-ish sounding theme, something that is dreamy and calm and a nice avant-garde way to end this album in a peaceful way.

The musicianship of this band is simply overwhelming and should be respected by everyone who knows how hard it is to play together in a band and have room for explorations and experiments. I’ve been in a band of just five members and trust me with all these egos, it was already a miracle nobody got killed in the rehearsal room. But this band has not five but six members who play as they are brothers from birth, all working together to get this amazing fusion of ideas transformed into these inspiring tracks! To get this album featuring a fine example of skilled musicianship or just get more information of this fun band, than please proceed to the following website: <KN>

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