Lowtee – Thuggin… feels good

artist: Lowtee
title: Thuggin… feels good
keywords: vaporwave, hip-hop

Listening to ‘thuggin… feels good’ by Lowtee is very intimate and sensual. It is as if the artist sketches a scene of two people riding each-other on the dance floor in a slow but ultra-sexual way. They might still have their clothes on but everyone around them knows this will end up with fantastic sex in a lesser public place.

As a listener and witness you may feel aroused, sexually stimulated or even think ‘geez, get a room!’, but whatever it is you feel; there is no way you can close your ears and turn away your eyes from this sexy, sexy, sexy music. Every sound from drums to baseline, hints of a male voice and sax; everything seems to spell out a fine fore play of pure erotica. As you know it is difficult reviewing and writing while masturbating, so here is the link for your personal arousing enjoyment:

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