AustraliA – Robot

artist: AustraliA
title: Robot
keywords: pop, punk, fuzz, rock

Give me a world map and I’m sure not to know where to point if someone asked me the simple question where I am actually writing this review from. I ‘m one of those people that do not know which day it is, neither date or season. In fact almost every day I get lost in a variation of places; the local supermarket or even the street that I supposedly live on. But ask me where AustraliA is and without any problem I would direct you to the right place! Its here: and it’s probably the best place on the internets for people who are into pizza and fun loving android punk with an ultra-orthodox attitude!

Technically speaking I love how squeaky clean and clear the band manages to sound while at the same time managing to run everything through this magnificent sound of raw making buzz fuzz. I think before music, my true personal love was an affection for distortion and to hear AustraliA bringing the best of both worlds together really is a joy!

So yes lovers of distortion, good pop fuzz and a brilliant boost of energy will certainly have a great blast visiting AustraliA! It’s the perfect place to go to and simply lose all bad thoughts by rocking out on these perfect edgy punk songs with a friendly twist. In other words, pack your bags, hold on to an Italian kangaroo and move your ass over to AustraliA, as they got all what you need to dismiss another horrid day of Babylon oppression!

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