title: Ржавчина
cat: FNR012
format: floppy diskette
keywords: noise, harsh noise
label: Floppy Noise Records https://www.facebook.com/FloppyNoiseRecords

Who has let the demons out? The Polish ЖЕРТВА ТАЛИДОМИДА has given birth to a monstrous little new release. Floppy Noise Records released this noisy friend onto floppy diskette and multiplied it 15 times. They are screaming like little chainsaws and very ready to be shipped out to new owners. Within close reach they want to be played loudly through the available speakers, not only to fill up their new acquired master’s ears, but also to completely terrorize the neighborhood with their fine nastiness. To completely satisfy these little rascals they need the windows to be open while being played on extreme volumes, so they can reach the hearts of non noise lovers and complaining neighbors.
With one of these  little floppy’s all complaints will stop as these sounds will rape and scare the unwilling ears shitless. If you have one of them and didn’t have the same result while playing, you should definitely upgrade your home stereo equipment with larger speakers, or to find another way to get this stuff out at a louder volume, as this record looks maybe petite  but contains a large sound that needs to be played at an torturous volume for the best results.
Get this gruesome floppy diskette and others from it’s distributor over here:

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