KRYNGE – Spd Kld Spd Rcr

Artist: KRYNGE
title: Spd Kld Spd Rcr
keywords: experimental
label: Attenuation Circuit

Out of nowhere and without any soft introduction this new release by KRYNGE pushes us into an industrial world. Not one to be confused with the genre of industrial pop but the real thing based on a whole collection of machinery. The sounds are hectic and it feels as if we as the listener are having a private tour through different areas of a busy factory. We hear not only the cold hard labor of steel, oil and mechanics but also glimpses of the humans who work with these machines in a seemingly day to day basis. This is probably where their mentalness is coming from as the machines and their caretakers are seemingly out of touch with normality, as they work tightly together in a hectic situation of plain insanity. The longer our ears stay in this mental factory,  the more crazier sounds are erupting. It’s nice to have a walk through this vibrant place although be sure to travel with an antidote for insaneness. This release makes the sound and feel of Charlie’s Chocolate factory look normal! For all the lovers of the mentally challenging madness of insanity indulging machinery; this CD is a must have!

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