Doomettes – Into The Next Dimension / Ten Minutes To Fill (NPTM001)

Doomettes - Into The Next Dimension / Ten Minutes To Fill

Um… this ended up being a little creepy. Sorry. ^_^

Artist: Doomettes
Title: Into The Next Dimension / Ten Minutes To Fill
Label: The Revolution Will Occur After Naptime!
Cat#: NPTM001
Keywords: Experimental, Acoustic Body Music, Doom Pop, Harsh Noise Wall
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

As the winter months began their steady approach and the cold entered my body to never go way forever, this Doomettes release became my only sanctuary. The tape cozy doubled as a comfortable, wooly hat that didn’t fit right; the tape… useful, too, in its own special way. I put it on FF mode and attempted to warm my frozen hands close to the spinning heads until it ejected in a few short seconds.


I decided instead to just play the tape as a normal, warm human being might do, on a Summer day. One final dignity before a cold death.

I hear the warm, unmistakeably cartoonish sound of an early Saturday morning spent in solace in front of the tube. That would be the first track, the 19-minute opus ‘Loneliness / Space Expands (Live @ Indigo Tea Lounge 3/30/13)’. Very old-school, wacky cartoon feel, my mind recalls images of Max Fleischer or Izzy Sparber animations. After awhile, a bassy, distorted vesper invades our headspace. Griiind!!! It shifts punishingly, plodding through a series of frequencies, each of them bassy and glutted with overdrive. Underneath, gnashing modulations of teeth, rusty power electronics. You’ll feel like you’re burning under an intensified, concentrated beam of sunlight under a magnifying glass, like a very unfortunate ant… ah, the effect is nice in these chilly surroundings. I begin to hear a guitar strumming below the wall of noise. It soon takes precedence in the mix, feels like it’s winning the battle with the noise around it, but both take shots at one another, a distorted skirmish that gives off much body heat.

‘-‘ is the next track. I’ll call it hyphen, though it seems to have little to do with anything, it is but a pause. Ah, talk about a tiff! It sounds like a serious scuffle is being barely contained. Much warmth.

Quickly, we move on to the tape-echoing and distorted guitar strums of ‘Solifugae’, lots of warm tube sounding stuff, very nice! The sound of a psychedelic amplifier, an amp on lsd. It is somehow both hot and cold, like being embraced by stiff, icy arms. The vocals come on, dropped in like somebody stole Glenn Danzig and is poking him with fire-irons to force his performance in a basement to someone’s guitar drones.

Next up is another fast track titled ‘Just A Thought’, I like the thick, hollow, hi-speed drums, and there’s some riffing guitar stuff, some singing. Whoa! Then it’s over, like a flash in a pan. A… warm flash… in a frying pan.

‘Saturnus Mons’ begins with some distorted surf-strummage, like black metal or something maybe. Then it goes slow, feels almost sludgy, but bright. It’s the audio-equivalent of maybe drinking an old stock ale; it feels like there are a lot of complex notes in there, most of them things like… astringent or burnt caramel, or moldy raisin. But, somehow, it’s an experience that is overall enjoyable. It puts hair on your balls. The vocals lead you deep into the recesses of the mix at times, they walk with you by candlelight into the dark places.

‘Abbreviated Groove”s got some wild clarinet, spacy sound flourishes, a shuffling and spare rhythm. It doesn’t go on for very long.

The last song is ‘Last Song’, and we hear some shaker, some bright and nice acoustic guitar type sounds, some vocals that drift around in the mix. It’s actually kind of nice, I enjoyed this one a lot as it has some very unique sound moments between the guitar / banjo type thing and the rhythm that sounds half comprised by the banging of a metal bed frame. The clarinet returns, too!

Well, I suppose it’s time to freeze… for now, this is goodbye, just until someone thaws me out. Here’s a link to this fine album, I will recommend you pick up a tape copy:

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