LUDZIE Z DUPY – o, Polsko!

title: o, Polsko!
keywords: o, Polsko!
Format: Limited Cassete / CDr / digital download
Label: Weakiediscs

O, Polsko! I have no idea what it means! O, Polsko! Help me out! O, Polsko! Hit me with your rhythm stick! O, Polsko! Slam that guitar! O, Polsko! Kick that beat machine! O, Polsko! This sounds awesome! O, Polsko! I love to scream sing!

There is this song on my mind all day and I can’t stop singing it. The only problem is that it’s a song in a language that keeps me guessing what the lyrics mean. Nonetheless I’m singing along, annoying and entertaining everyone with the O, Polsko song! ‘O, Polsko’ is basically the only thing that passes my lips coming from the original song, the rest of the lyrics I mumble, swallow or simply interpreted them in half-baked English. It’s fun! My imagination runs wild when hearing O, Polsko! Not understanding the words for sure has some great benefits, stimulating the brain in making things up is a good example.  My own O, Polsko version is somehow evolved in something like this:

O, Polsko!
Today I went to the car wash.
To see if you had bee wax
I was too short for words

O, Polsko!
10 inches in your asshola
Is that what you’d like to showa?
That’s a real bore

O, Polsko!
You shit is getting boring
Shaved your own ball-bowie
Stuck between the zipper

O, Polsko!
Is this your style? Dump it!
What the hell is wrong with you?
Show us beef and no ice-co!

Uh uh uh uh

Aah ah ah ah

uhj ju juj juj

ooh oh oh

eh eh eh

ah ah ah ah

O, Polsko!
I would like to castrate you
Even though you wouldn’t like
That I swallow your wiener.

O, Polsko!
you think i would forget
That you’d like to diet and do ice-skating
Social elite!

O, Polsko!
Going through your street
Your neighbour hood ‘Strathoff’.
Listening to shitty beats

O, Polsko!
it’s a gratis webcasts
Nice licking lick ass
Postmortem searching for you

O, Polsko!
That smells like horse shit
Opium and hashes.
In your little murder booklet

Could this be A little gangster?

As you can see, my own replacement \ translation for the actual lyrics completely suck, and yes I know it.. Luckily the original is out there to hear and stick in your mind for your own dirty enjoyment! Because believe me or not, the great rocking energetic angry vibe speaks for itself! Plus, who can resist a fine drum-computer teamed up with a slamming guitar and epic vocals? I recommend to get this work on tape as this song  is smeared over the A & B side so you can listen to this hit ‘nonstop’ and practice to sing along!
get O, Polsko! over here:

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