Avs_Silvester & Shine Lethargy & ulguma & Vlad Shegal – 4-way split

artists: Avs_Silvester & Shine Lethargy & ulguma & Vlad Shegal
title:4-way split
cat: AMRR01
keywords: guitar, folk, noise, radio noise, HNW, psychedelia, parody, industrial
label: AMR Records

What can be possibly more sexy than a threesome? Well perhaps this musical foursome between this beautiful mix of individuals? Trust me when I tell you that this split among these four artists will be good fun, and has some fine sexy surprises on top too!
Talking about surprises! Please undo  yourself from the burden of clothing, place your bare naked buttocks on the imaginary wrecking-ball and let’s swing together with our tongues out straight into the depth of this review!
Please do ignore the cock of the dodgy looking photographer in the corner.. Wait is that Terry Richardson? Ah, yes never mind the bollocks, let’s continue to the review!

One of my favorite artist in the hedgehog genre has the great honor to start this split. His name is Avs_silvester and if you didn’t hear from him before than it’s recommended to search the internet for his music as it is probably the best mushroom orientated psychedelic hedgehog metal rock in town. But before already going into the orgasm zone, it has to be noted that here on this split Avs_silvester shows us an slightly different musical direction. The first track coming out of his hands and guitar is coming across as a lobit encoded sweet jam.
I’ve never heard Avs_silvester play guitar in this way and it feels as very intimate. It is as if the artist is showing a soft side that fits the description of ‘foreplay’ for what’s next to come. Avs_silvester plays the guitar as if he is playing with your girlfriend or boyfriend (or even your own!) nipple! It’s cute, tickles a bit and is the right way to spice things up in a legitimate foursome session.

Avs_silvester’s version of successful foreplay converted to music  continues with another nice track  of him playing the pancho guitar in a realm of lobit. There is no better direction to know where Avs_silvester is aiming for than the statement delivered in the title of this track. ‘Search the right path’ is the title to refer too, while trying to make   your partner (or partners) happy and satisfied. It’s all about knowing each-other in an intimate close way to seek fulfillment (or just filthy lust!). In this case Avs_silvester takes it easy, easy like a slow rider that prefers intimacy and love making with the strings in the night above all the hardcore wrecking-ball shit. But don’t be offended if you are still swinging impatiently in pure nakedness with your tongue out, as your time of satisfaction will arrive too!  But not here with smooth operator Avs_silvester, as he plays rather with relaxing massage oil, olives and aroma therapy. Which is a very sensational approach to exploring the sweet senses.

When the cuddling session of pretty musical foreplay is finished, the gap will be filled by the entrance of another artist. The name personally doesn’t ring a bell but after this the artist name ‘Shine Lethargy’ will be burned into our deep internal memories. This is not because of the musical creativity, but more because this artist is literally going for a deep tissue massage using a new crackling comfortable noise technique.
The scratches of soft noise are a pleasant grinding, which makes it perfectly compatible after all the sensual nipple guitar play of Avs_silvester.

And than the third character appears, and it’s nobody less than the king of Russian lobit folk and campfire music: Vlad Shegal! Here he delivers a live recording captured on 12 November, 2013.
It has some small hints of the rock attitude of ‘nirvana’, but delightfully camouflaged with Vlad’s warm and expressive voice. When the end has  come for the first song, the ears will be happy to know that he delivers two songs for the price on none. Vlad Shegal pulls your heart together for the reception of these songs coming straight from this artist soul.
Deliciously warm and sincere is what this music is all about, and for the total duration of this recording we completely forget our naked wrecking ball highlight!

But here at the end of this friendly four-way split, we can let everything go! The buildup by the other three artists was spectacularly good, but the time has come to relieve us from the tension of love music and arousing foreplay. The honor comes  as we swing with our bottoms out on the imaginary wrecking ball! Is this the shock horror childhood Disney-star gone rotten? Nope! This is ‘ulguma’ covering Miley Cyrus’s her wrecking ball with her legs up in the air! This is the moment that the dodgy looking photographer’s erection can no longer be ignored!
1His ultimate cum shot shoots all over this part of the review, blinding not only the reviewer but also the listener with a state of shock! This squirting cover get’s the legendary thumbs up by Terry R. and we really shouldn’t disagree!
Get this amazing version of Miley Cyrus hit song and the other pleasant pieces of music for free over at the following link:

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