Mystified – Brannon And Chippewa (ACP 1019)

Mystified - Brannon And Chippewa

Don’t be too Mystified if you hear thunder tonight because it looks like we’re gonna see some showers in the Brannon And Chippewa region this evening.

Artist: Mystified
Title: Brannon And Chippewa
Label: Attenuation Circuit
Cat#: ACP 1019
Keywords: Experimental, Drone, Electronic, Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Have to say… I didn’t realise Mystified was from St. Louis, that’s only about a 2 hour drive from where I live. Wow!

Also, in related news, this is another great piece of soundwork from the fantastic label Attenuation Circuit. There’s always something cool to listen to happening on that label.

‘Brannon And Chippewa’ is the lone track here, but you won’t feel too bad about it because it’s nearly 42 minutes in length. It begins with a downpour. This grows louder in places, joined by what sound like subtle, mechanical shifts in its character. There seems to be a noise, like someone grinding coffee beans, and wisps of white noise fade in and out. Clips of sound betray the alteration from time to time, like little whirs of machinery moving in reverse. Static electricity enters, dark whispers are awash. I now hear drones, unsettling harmonics that are barely audible at times. The noises get sharper, the reverb adds a life-like clarity that is very surreal, like we’re standing in a room while several blenders are being manipulated. Buttons are pressed, many of them are jamming; the machines are taken apart and reassembled in real-time. Finally, one of them at least is turned on, and it gives off a low, sustained hum as it destroys whatever has been set into it. This is the destruction factory, a place in which consumer electronics are roughly handled and eventually broken. I’m now hearing the sound of sneakers on a floor, squeaking familiarly; rubber to polished auditorium flooring. Aluminum lids for pots and pans are being removed and replaced carelessly. Still, there is this tension… it’s a tension that I feel has been meticulously crafted by having not heard anything being definitively broken. Not yet, anyway. Glass is being tinkered with. Cabinets opened, their contents maliciously spilling out, then stuffed back within, all while those damned drones continue drafting up a mood of suspense. I hear trickles of some liquid, it sounds electro-acoustic. Oooh, now there’s some kind of scratchy… thing… happening… ugh! It’s like bristles, or kindling. I can’t help but to shiver now. I’m imagining black velcro being rubbed against splintering wood and how it would feel to be between them. Is something burning? The drones are even more malignant now, it’s like they know. I’m stiffening myself, determined to make it through this even though I’m only about to the halfway mark at 20 minutes. A bird got in somehow, and it doesn’t seem to be reacting to what’s going on around it. I hear low, demonic vocal sounds, and now there’s a bell, a wind chime maybe. Crickets. It’s possible that the warehouse burnt down and now we’re outside. It sounds like something is gnashing its way through the charred debris, coming toward us. The birds speak, but do they see? Are they even a real part of the atmosphere we’re trapped in? There are more vapors of darkness and ash swirling around, voices. Ghosts, scissor cuts, then the rain. I hear free floating jazz numbers coming from nearby. Fuzzy static like a neon sign going out slowly, then a bit of what sounds like an arm falling to a table, then someone pissing into a urinal. I hear a motorized generator hum, more trickling… some very mysterious electric sounds. It sounds as if the waters movement is being reflected in the mix by a diffuse echo. The trash is being taken out, a can full of materials is being shaken. Then, a nighttime sonic atmosphere suddenly comes on. Some screeching… late-night ambiance. The shaking continues. I hear car keys being jangled, metal objects being handled… then it all fades to the end.

This is an experience to be had, a journey. Very strange, too, as can be gleamed from reading the description from Attenuation Circuits page for the album…

“From his apartment at the corner of Brannon and Chippewa in St. Louis, Missouri hails Thomas Park aka Mystified. Raw and processed field recordings gathered in, or near Saint Louis (mostly in the apartment) are the only sound sources used for this soundscape composition that reveals how interesting even the most commonplace urban noises can become when listened to in the right context.”

You can find it at the following link:

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