Steam Flow – Dying Angel

artist: Steam Flow
title: Dying Angel
cat: TAN315
keywords: dark ambient, fieldrecording
label: tales about nothing

With ‘Dying Angel’ artist Steam Flow gets our asses back to church, the virtual way. I don’t know about you dear reader, but to me it was a long time ago to enter the human made house of god. Seat yourself on one of those imaginary wooden benches and watch the scenery of the time capsule that is church. The choir sings it’s collection of songs that bounce beautifully between the acoustics of the building. When the priest start to preach the ears are comforted with a dark but religious kind of ambient. Like it or not, but this visit to the church with Steam Flow is a humbling experience which in a strange way regains the respect for these massive buildings and it’s rituals that has been kept for decades. The ambient work has some dark undertone as the title explains us that an angel has died and catches the bus up to heaven. At a certain point we hear a stream of water; can this be the tears coming out of one of the holy statues? The holy session returns bringing every aspect of what the ears could expect from entering a church at the right time. The choir sings its soothing songs and in overall it is an impressive sight of religious people joined together in the spirit for the dying angel. Thanks to Steam Flow we can just follow it from the comfort of our home. This is probably more comfortable than the wooden benches but also at times can come across as if we are a peeking-tom in the house of the holy lord. In any way, the choice is yours to follow Steam Flow into this authentic realm of holiness:

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