Leiche Rustikal – Atra Bi… (NJMP3-0188)

Leiche Rustikal - Atra Bi...

We see gravel, trees, a faint sun setting below the horizon, lights from a village lying nestled in the dark expanse ahead… there is illumination emanating from someplace unseen. It could be that the strange, floating text before us is giving off this light, but if so, then we’re having a very bizarre close-encounter. Are they trying to tell us that this is the album art for Leiche Rustikal’s Atra Bi…?

Artist: Leiche Rustikal
Title: Atra Bi…
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0188
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise, Industrial, Experimental, Ambient
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

By request, and from the annals of Noise-Joy history, here is a review of a 3-track EP titled Atra Bi… that was sent in by Leiche Rustikal of early Ant-Zen fame. I was really excited when I first got this and couldn’t wait to put it out! It was a celebrity moment for me! 🙂

The first track is ‘EQ 3’, and it begins with some very focused analog bass rhythms and atmospheres from out of either the darkest jungle or an alien spacecraft. Then, some heavy, shrill noise sizzles into the earspace. Grinding, filling the mix with punishing frequencies, then settling down and away to creep in only in small moments while the distorted rhythmic noise bass continues blasting away. The way that rhythmic noise of this kind works is to sort of seem to fade into abstraction, even while the rhythmic nature of the music never really dissipates, and it’s extremely hypnotic. It ends with a touch of ambient sound.

‘Ödland’ is next, another punishing rhythmic track with sharp, tape-ified bursts of sound reverberating out. It’s dancy, in a way; at least, I would dance to it, alone in a derelict warehouse. I used to hear stuff like this in my head all day… serious rhythmic noise. This is very bass-heavy, bloated, acidic. It feels like the drum, shuffling, is at all times clipping in the mix. There are little moments during which a sound will seem to flam a bit, and those are the moments I live for. At one point it feels funky, a dog barking or something of that sort echoing, undulating below the rhythm. Someone speaks, but the words are impossible for me to make out… just another treated sound source, floating in the mix. I hear a car pull up… doors open… steps…

… the final track is titled ‘Atra B….’ and it feels a lot more dark, ambient. There is a choir, some roiling mist saturating and soaking up the audio space. It’s very lovely, melancholy but menacing. There are… toms, maybe?… rattling and disappearing suddenly, repetitively throughout the track. They are like the flapping of leathery wings, like some enormous bat is stalking us through the mix. Low horns emerge, and the sonic atmosphere takes on new, sinister vibes. This is probably the standout track on this album, as far as I’m concerned. Lush, harmonic choir textures are added. This would be a good starting take on a post-modern Gothic music for film. It’s like a strange symposium of Romantic and Alienistic influence, surreal but familiar.

Do please check it out at the following link:


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